2 Reasons Why You Should Be Looking for a Wealthy Mature Man to Date

Wealthy Mature ManA recent study polled over 2,000 adults to try and find out what the most appeal­ing qual­i­ties are in a prospec­tive part­ner, and once again, the results favor age gap rela­tion­ships. While the female respon­dents didn’t come right out and say they pre­ferred an older man, many of their top qual­i­ties are, more often than not, found in more mature men.

For instance, 75% of women want to be with a man who’s finan­cially respon­si­ble, the sec­ond most impor­tant qual­ity behind hav­ing a sense of humor. Fur­ther­more, 74% of women want some­one who’s intel­li­gent and 44% want to be with some­one with a good salary. One of the main rea­sons women are drawn to age gap rela­tion­ships is because older men are more likely to be finan­cially sta­ble, which pro­vides that sense of secu­rity and pro­tec­tion that so many women value.

The find­ings from the male respon­dents favored age gap rela­tion­ships, too. Eighty per­cent of them want a woman who is good look­ing, which explains why so many men are attracted to younger women. But 65% of the men also want a woman who’s intel­li­gent, and 55% pre­fer to be with some­one who’s finan­cially respon­si­ble. In other words, men don’t want to date some­one who can’t carry a con­ver­sa­tion and who’s only inter­ested in blow­ing their money. Most wealthy mature men have worked hard to be suc­cess­ful and prob­a­bly won’t want to waste time in age gap rela­tion­ships where they’re taken advan­tage of.

Whether you’re inter­ested in age gap rela­tion­ships or a more con­ven­tional dat­ing style, the most impor­tant thing is that you and your part­ner share com­mon val­ues. If he places a lot of impor­tance on life goals and fam­ily, then those should be qual­i­ties that you want, too. Money and good looks are cer­tainly con­tribut­ing fac­tors in age gap rela­tion­ships, but they’ll only take you so far; the key to a suc­cess­ful, long-term rela­tion­ship is being on the same page about what mat­ters most to you.

What do you think: What qual­i­ties do you look for in a man?


“Wit trumps looks when a woman chooses her man: Eight in ten say good sense of humour is qual­ity they most value in a man,” Daily Mail web site, August 6, 2014; http://goo.gl/g0lDi1.

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