3 “Perks” a Girl Can Only Get From an Italian Sugar Daddy

After our first meet­ing, Marco was more than intrigued. He vis­ited me a cou­ple more times near my home, and we talked a lot on the phone, through e-mail, and over text mes­sages on the cell phone he’d given me and paid for. At this point, we were still pla­tonic and my small town was becom­ing very bor­ing to this world trav­eler. Once he dis­cov­ered that I had never been to the big city nearby, he was flab­ber­gasted and planned an entire week­end for us!

Marco picked me up Fri­day evening and away we went. He first took me to his main home; it was beau­ti­ful and in a very desir­able neigh­bor­hood. The large four-bedroom, three-bath house was some­what empty from his recent divorce, but it was very nice. We talked for hours, while he cooked us a nice Ital­ian meal. He cooked the best pasta. After din­ner, he decided it was time for some sightseeing.

We rode his Ducati motor­cy­cle around the city’s many views and neigh­bor­hoods. Because it wasn’t quite sum­mer yet, we cut the trip short, but it left me want­ing more. Once we returned to his home, he pre­sented me with a small gift he pur­chased for me on his last trip. It was a small, but very beau­ti­ful neck­lace. I was shocked. It was around this time we decided to lis­ten to some of his music and dance in his liv­ing room. This made him so happy because it reminded him of many good times before his divorce.

That night, we made love, snug­gled, and slept together, and then made love again in the morn­ing. We were insep­a­ra­ble after that, before any of the “perks” of our rela­tion­ship really changed and kicked in, so to speak. Even­tu­ally, Marco asked me to come live with him while attend­ing school. He also let me choose which of the two homes he owned in the city we would live in together. I thought, “He’s just still feel­ing good from last night, he doesn’t really mean it.”

I was ecsta­tic, but seri­ously hes­i­tant, espe­cially after rush­ing into things with my much older ex, Bryan. All of my fam­ily lives in the sticks, none have gone to school, and we were so very new to each other, but we were instantly attached. It was amaz­ing, scary, and won­der­ful. My mom gave me this one nugget of advice after learn­ing more about him and his offer: “Don’t let him go.” So, I didn’t.

As time passed, Marco decided it was time for me to learn how to drive. I had always wanted to learn, but my mom couldn’t teach me, my step­fa­ther had no inter­est in teach­ing me, and my broth­ers all worked tire­lessly and just didn’t have the time. So, Marco taught me to drive in his stick-shift car. He also helped me study and pass my driver’s test.

Dur­ing those times, he had din­ner with my fam­ily, bonded with my broth­ers over cars, and was securely planted with my fam­ily. It was at this time Marco bought me a brand new pickup truck. He wanted to make sure I could get around eas­ily once we moved in together and he was away on busi­ness trips. I really couldn’t argue with that logic.

I finally felt com­fort­able enough to move in with Marco.

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