3 Signs Your Older Man Isn’t Over His Ex: Part 1

It took me a few hours to decide whether or not I would tell Derrick—my much older fiancé—about the encounter I had with his wife at the office. She had just con­fronted me about being his mis­tress, and left me with a note that read, “You decide: wealthy mis­tress or poor wife.” As intense as it was, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dis­close all the details to Der­rick. I knew he would be infu­ri­ated because, after all, the only rea­son he was try­ing to work things out with her was so that he could keep his money. After her threat, I decided it would prob­a­bly be best for every­one if I just kept my mouth shut.

Der­rick requested a home­made din­ner that night, so I pre­pared one of his favorite dishes. My silence was notice­able, and it made things very awk­ward between us. In an attempt to cheer me up, he sug­gested that we go on a vaca­tion of my choice. The thought of going away with him instantly put a smile on my face. All I kept think­ing about was how I really was his first choice—his wife would be fum­ing with anger at the idea, espe­cially now that she knew what his “busi­ness trip” was really about.

Der­rick set no lim­its on how far we could go or how much we’d spend—the world was mine to choose from. I wanted to prove to Der­rick that I was with him because I really did love him, not because I wanted his money. So for our sum­mer get­away, I chose to go up north to Mon­terey Bay. I used to love the area—it was afford­able and roman­tic, and it made for the per­fect vaca­tion with Derrick.

We both enjoyed the scenic route of the drive up. I even spot­ted my dream house along the way, and I told Der­rick I wanted the same one in a rose color. He said he would work his magic and buy one before we left. We both had a good laugh—this trip couldn’t come at a bet­ter time for us. But our peace­ful ride was inter­rupted by a phone call, which he ignored, fol­lowed by sev­eral text mes­sages. Each time the phone buzzed, Der­rick looked at the screen, raised his eye­brow, and then con­tin­ued on with our con­ver­sa­tion. I didn’t need to see his phone—I knew exactly who it was.

Der­rick wanted to get some golf­ing in while on vaca­tion, so we stopped at the golf course in Peb­ble Beach. I didn’t mind, because he gave me his credit card and told me to go and enjoy myself while he played. I told myself I would not spend too much money, so I just went to the nearby aquar­ium by myself.  Then I walked along the water­front, had a few drinks, ate some clam chow­der, and decided to head back to the hotel to enjoy a relax­ing after­noon at the spa. Der­rick said he would get a ride back, so I pretty much had the rest of the day to myself. Lit­tle did I know what was hap­pen­ing behind my back…

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