4 Hot Older Men Clare Crawley Could Rebound with After Getting Dumped By Juan Pablo on “The Bachelor”

Hot Older Men Clare Crawley Could ReboundAnother sea­son of The Bach­e­lor has just wrapped up, and this sea­son had no short­age of drama, mostly thanks to one of the most con­tro­ver­sial bach­e­lors, 33-year-old Juan Pablo Galavis. He man­aged to piss off a lot of peo­ple with his inap­pro­pri­ate behav­ior and imma­ture com­ments both on and off the show.

Nonethe­less, Juan Pablo Galavis some­how made it to the end, and like every sea­son of The Bach­e­lor, one girl gets sent home with no rose and no engage­ment ring. This time around the unfor­tu­nate runner-up was Clare Craw­ley. The 32-year-old hair­styl­ist was furi­ous when Juan Pablo Galavis sent her pack­ing, but it was prob­a­bly for the best, because we think Clare Craw­ley would be much bet­ter off with a more sophis­ti­cated older man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it.

So, we’re here to play match­maker, EarnTheNecklace.com style. For­get Juan Pablo and The Bach­e­lor! Here are four older men who we think would be per­fect for this vying bachelorette.

• John Sta­mos – This older man tops our list because, even though the celebrity sugar daddy is 50, he’s only got­ten bet­ter look­ing with age; he and Clare Craw­ley would just look good together.

• Sean Penn – If you watched this sea­son of The Bach­e­lor, you know that Clare Craw­ley is the kind of younger woman who attracts drama, thrives in it even. That’s why this 53-year-old celebrity sugar daddy would be the per­fect older man for her. And from his past dat­ing his­tory, we know Sean Penn has no prob­lem win­ing and din­ing a beau­ti­ful younger woman.

• Rob Lowe – Clare Craw­ley also made her­self known for her sex­ual prowess on this sea­son of The Bach­e­lor, sneak­ing out to invite Juan Pablo to swim in the ocean with her at 4 a.m.—we still don’t really know for sure what exactly went down in that water. But Craw­ley clearly needs some­one who can keep up, like this celebrity sugar daddy. As you might recall, 49-year-old Rob Lowe was once the star in a sex tape with not one, but two younger women.

• Ben­jamin Bratt – Let’s pre­tend for a minute that this celebrity isn’t mar­ried. Ben­jamin Bratt, 50, would be the per­fect older man for Clare Craw­ley because he’s got that sexy Span­ish side, the same one that made Juan Pablo Galavis so irre­sistible. Plus, Bratt always comes across as charm­ing. And if he man­aged to get Julia Roberts once upon a time, he must have some pretty smooth moves.

What do you think: Which older celebrity do you think would be a good match for Clare Craw­ley after The Bach­e­lor?