4 Things to Do Before Having Sex with Your Sugar Daddy for the First Time

in bed with a cute pensive woman

A lot of women have their own rou­tines before hav­ing sex with a new man for the first time. After all, your first time together can really set the tone for your rela­tion­ship mov­ing for­ward. If you know that you and your sugar daddy are going to get down and dirty for the first time, you might spend an hour or two get­ting your­self ready, which seems reasonable—you want to leave your sugar daddy want­ing more.

But it turns out that women today are spend­ing a lot more than just an hour or two here and there prep­ping for their first time with a new part­ner. Accord­ing to a sur­vey car­ried out by a British lux­ury lin­gerie com­pany, women are actu­ally spend­ing up to six hours to plan for the big night.

If you’re plan­ning to have sex with your sugar daddy for the first time, here’s how other women are prepping:

Facials: A third of the sur­vey par­tic­i­pants had a facial done before­hand. It’s not a bad idea if you want to look lumi­nous and glow­ing for your sugar daddy, but bear in mind that it might not be the first thing he notices.

Hair: More than three-quarters of the women (76%) had their hair pro­fes­sion­ally styled. This is def­i­nitely a good way to add a lit­tle extra sex appeal to your look, but we wouldn’t sug­gest spend­ing too much on a new do, because it prob­a­bly won’t last long once you and your sugar daddy get going.

Wax­ing: Just over half (53%) of the women sur­veyed said they would book a wax­ing appoint­ment the night before. We’re a lit­tle sur­prised that num­ber isn’t higher, to be hon­est, but to each their own. Since it’s your first time, you might not know what your sugar daddy prefers down there, so go with what­ever you prefer.

Shop­ping: Two-thirds of the women treated them­selves to a new piece of lin­gerie for the first time, and a third also bought a new dress for the occasion.

Again, we can’t guar­an­tee that your sugar daddy will notice all the prep work, but doing these types of things can help you feel more confident—and noth­ing is sex­ier on a woman than confidence.

What do you think: What would you do before hav­ing sex with your sugar daddy for the first time?


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