4 Things You Need to Have If You Want to Find a Rich, Older Boyfriend

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If you’re try­ing to get ahead in age gap dat­ing, you may want to try being more play­ful, because accord­ing to a new study, it’s a very desir­able attribute that a lot of sin­gles look for in a poten­tial partner.

The study, which was con­ducted by researchers at the Uni­ver­sity of Zurich, found that for men and women, friend­li­ness, intel­li­gence, and a sense of humor all topped the list as the most desir­able attrib­utes, fol­lowed by playfulness.

The rea­son play­ful­ness and friend­li­ness fare so well in age gap dat­ing is because it can make you come across as hav­ing a bet­ter sense of humor, hav­ing a more laid­back atti­tude, and being more cre­ative. For women, play­ful­ness is a sign that a man is not aggres­sive. And for men, it’s a sign that the woman has more vigor and energy, which is desir­able for the pur­pose of sex­ual selection.

Although more research is needed to deter­mine the value of play­ful­ness in Amer­i­can rela­tion­ships (this study used U.K. par­tic­i­pants), it does offer some valu­able insight into what types of things peo­ple value when look­ing for a long-term part­ner, which can def­i­nitely come in handy for your own age gap dat­ing adven­tures. “Although we should be cau­tious while inter­pret­ing the data, this could be an indi­ca­tion that play­ful peo­ple are actu­ally per­ceived as more attrac­tive part­ners or that play­ful­ness increas­ingly devel­ops in the rela­tion­ship,” explained psy­chol­ogy pro­fes­sor Dr. René Proyer.

Accord­ing to the study, being play­ful involves an appre­ci­a­tion for word­play, enjoy­ing teas­ing, being spon­ta­neous, and tak­ing on chal­lenges lightheartedly.


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