5 Foolproof Ways to Pick Up a Girl at the Gym (Plus What Not to Do)

Pick Up a GirlThe gym is as good a place as any to meet some­one, but there’s a right way and a very wrong way to go about it. As a woman who hits the gym reg­u­larly, I’ve seen and expe­ri­enced for myself what it’s like to have some meat­head come up to you when all you want to do is power through your workout—but I’ve also seen guys pull it off. Pick­ing up at the gym can be chal­leng­ing, because it’s not like a bar where women expect to be approached, but it’s not impos­si­ble; it just takes a lit­tle more game. Here’s what you need to know to suc­cess­fully pick up a woman at the gym.

What Not to Do

I’ve seen a lot of men crash and burn when try­ing to pick up at the gym, sim­ply because they make stu­pid mis­takes. From a woman’s per­spec­tive, if you want to strike up a con­ver­sa­tion and make a move, avoid doing any of the following:

• Going to the gym for the sole pur­pose of pick­ing up (We can tell when you’re not really there to exercise.)

• Star­ing at her like a creep (It makes women feel really uncom­fort­able, espe­cially when they’re work­ing out.)

• Com­pli­ment­ing her body (Again, it can make her feel uncom­fort­able, because she’s prob­a­bly not there to impress.)

• Inter­rupt­ing her work­out (You wouldn’t want to be inter­rupted when you’re in the groove, would you? She prob­a­bly feels the same way. Plus, it can be dan­ger­ous if she breaks her focus to talk to you in the mid­dle of a set.)

• Try­ing to impress her by lift­ing heaver weights or run­ning faster (espe­cially if you can’t actu­ally keep up)

• Grunt­ing like an ani­mal to make it look like you’re super strong (It’s annoy­ing, not attractive.)

• Cor­rect­ing her form (If she doesn’t ask for your help, she prob­a­bly doesn’t want or need it.)

• Approach­ing her when you’re sweaty and gross (Wip­ing your­self down and mask­ing your body odor will go a long a way.)

• Approach­ing her when all your bud­dies are watch­ing (We’re not in the fifth grade.)

How to Pick Up the RIGHT Way

Now that you know what not to do, here are a few tips to help you get it done right:

• Become one of the reg­u­lars: These days, being a gym mem­ber is like being part of a community—over time you start to rec­og­nize faces. There’s a bet­ter chance that this girl you’re eye­ing will want to talk to you if she rec­og­nizes you ver­sus if you were a com­plete stranger.

• Be social: She’ll likely feel more com­fort­able talk­ing to you at the gym if she sees that you’re a social guy who chats with other peo­ple, too.

• Per­fect your tim­ing: Like I said ear­lier, you never want to approach a girl while she’s in the mid­dle of doing her thing—most women go to the gym to actu­ally work out, not to get a date, so it would be rude to inter­rupt. Instead, wait till she’s fin­ished her workout—there’s a much bet­ter chance that she’ll pay more atten­tion to you, and she’ll appre­ci­ate the con­sid­er­a­tion. Another good oppor­tu­nity is when she’s stretching—if you’re doing the same nearby, it’s a great open­ing for conversation.

• Join a class: This one only works if she takes classes too. There’s usu­ally a few min­utes before the class starts where par­tic­i­pants kind of stand around and mingle—this would make for the per­fect oppor­tu­nity to strike up a con­ver­sa­tion. Ask her if she’s done the class before and what she thinks of it. That way when you see her at the next class, she’ll remem­ber your famil­iar face. On a side note about classes, you might want to skip the Zumba—this tip works bet­ter if it’s a body ton­ing, car­dio, or strength build­ing type of class.

• Make eye con­tact: This does not mean you should gawk at her till she notices. If you want to get her atten­tion with­out totally creep­ing her out, try to make eye con­tact (a quick glance is all it takes), smile casu­ally, and then con­tinue with what you’re doing. That’ll show her that you notice her, but that you’re con­scious about not dis­turb­ing her—and then wait till she’s done work­ing out to approach her.

• Make appro­pri­ate con­ver­sa­tion: Cor­rect­ing her form is just going to piss her off, espe­cially if you’re not the fittest guy in the room. The smarter way to go about it is to pay her a com­pli­ment about her skill, not her body. For instance, com­pli­ment her on her speed or her form, but make sure it’s a gen­uine com­pli­ment, because she’ll see right through you if it’s not.

• Do a lit­tle groom­ing before­hand: Make sure you’re not sweat­ing pro­fusely and/or let­ting off any lin­ger­ing body odors—she won’t be able to focus on how witty and charm­ing you are if she can’t get past how gross you smell. Before approach­ing a woman at the gym, make a trip to the change room, dry off, wash your face, and run your fin­gers through your hair. Even though you’re at the gym, you should still look some­what presentable.

• Know when to give up: If she smiles at you and is recep­tive to your con­ver­sa­tion, then carry on. But if she ignores you, rolls her eyes, or just smirks and looks away, leave her alone; she’s not interested.

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