5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

If you’re look­ing for a sugar daddy, a good place to start is online. If you’ve used sugar daddy dat­ing sites, or any gen­eral dat­ing web sites for that mat­ter, you prob­a­bly know exactly what to look for in a pro­file. If you know what you want in a man, then there are going to be cer­tain words that will prob­a­bly jump out at you when you’re look­ing for a sugar daddy online. But is your dat­ing pro­file work­ing as well as it could be?

If you’re look­ing for a sugar daddy online, the words you use to describe your­self on your dat­ing pro­file can have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on attract­ing a poten­tial match. A recent study looked at 12,000 pro­files posted on one of the most pop­u­lar dat­ing sites to uncover what words get the most atten­tion. When look­ing for a sugar daddy online, it turns out that women who describe them­selves as being sweet, ambi­tious, or thought­ful will have a bet­ter chance at attract­ing male atten­tion, with spon­ta­neous and phys­i­cally fit round­ing out the top five most entic­ing words.

Alter­na­tively, the most attrac­tive words a man can use to get the best results on dat­ing sites are phys­i­cally fit, fol­lowed by ambi­tious, per­cep­tive, pas­sion­ate, and opti­mistic. Inter­est­ingly, men and women are equally attracted to pro­files that include the word funny—both sexes ranked it as the sixth most allur­ing word on dat­ing sites.

The study also revealed the impact that pic­tures can have on dat­ing sites. If you’re look­ing for a sugar daddy online, you’ll want to make note of the fact that more than half of the male par­tic­i­pants admit­ted that the pic­tures influ­ence their deci­sion to ini­ti­ate con­tact more than the words on the dat­ing profile—only 43% to 46% were more swayed by the words. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to be impacted by the words, with 64% to 69% say­ing they’d con­sider a man based on the descrip­tion in his dat­ing profile.

What do you think: If you’ve ever tried look­ing for a sugar daddy on dat­ing sites, are you enticed more by his pic­tures or the words he uses to describe himself?


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