6 Critical Facts About Dating Men Over 50

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Dating Men Over 50As a lot of younger women dat­ing older men will tell you, there are many ben­e­fits to being in an age gap rela­tion­ship. The idea of dat­ing a man in his 50s might sound out­ra­geous, but a new sur­vey by TODAY shows that mature men actu­ally have a lot more to offer in a relationship.

For one thing, life just gets bet­ter after 50—62% of respon­dents in their 50s reported feel­ing sat­is­fied with their life. They’re also more sat­is­fied with their mar­riages than they were in their 40s and they feel more bal­anced than their ear­lier years. So what does this mean for your age gap rela­tion­ship? Well, if an older man is com­fort­able with who he is and where he’s at in his own life, he’s more likely to bring that sense of ease into the relationship.

The fact of the mat­ter is that being 50 today isn’t what it used to be—50-year-old men today can be just as attrac­tive and in shape as younger men. Almost three-quarters (72%) of those sur­veyed believe that being 50 today doesn’t mean the same as it did when their par­ents were that age. That might be because 70% of them actu­ally feel younger than they really are. If you’re in an age gap rela­tion­ship with a mature man, it doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean that you’re dat­ing a senior cit­i­zen, as these results clearly show.

If that isn’t enough to con­vince you that an age gap rela­tion­ship with an older man has seri­ous merit, con­sider this: 71% of over-50s are more finan­cially sta­ble (no sur­prise there) and 66% said that they have more free time to spend with their part­ners. Older men have worked hard for their money and they’re more likely to want to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

And if you’re in an age gap rela­tion­ship, you can rest assured that you’re not wast­ing your time. Almost 60% of the sur­vey respon­dents said that they make bet­ter deci­sions now than when they were younger about com­pat­i­bil­ity in a rela­tion­ship, and 42% report hav­ing bet­ter dates in their later years. As you can see, younger women dat­ing older men are clearly on to some­thing. What have you got to lose?

What do you think: If you’ve never been in a age gap rela­tion­ship, would you con­sider giv­ing it a shot?


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