6 Ways to Get What You Want From Your Older Man Without Giving Him What He Wants: Part 2

6 Ways to Get What You Want From Your Older Man Without Giving Him What He Wants: Part 2Make him wait.

Have you met other sugar babies since being with your older man? Get on the phone with them and plan a fun-filled week­end get­away together. You know you can, because it’s not as if you’ll be pay­ing for it. Or, if you’re not really feel­ing a week­end away with the girls, spend a quiet week­end on your own instead. Spend­ing a lit­tle time apart from your sugar daddy will make your next meet­ing just a lit­tle more excit­ing, maybe a lit­tle too excit­ing for him.

You’re hot, fun, and intriguing—don’t let him for­get it! When you know he’s at work or out with friends, send him sexy texts, pic­tures, and voice­mail mes­sages. After you’ve had a man­i­cure, pedi­cure, mas­sage, and set­tled in with a nice glass of your favorite wine, give your sugar daddy a call.

Tell him you’re lying naked on the bed, that you’re bored, you miss him, and you don’t know what to do with your­self. Ask him if he likes phone sex or if he would rather wait until he sees you in per­son. Before you say good night, tell him about every­thing you bought while you were out shop­ping (with his money, of course.) Bet­ter yet, describe in detail every­thing you didn’t buy but wish you had. There’s a good chance he’ll make sure you get it.

By the time you get home and walk through the front door he’ll be ready to shower you with gifts. He’ll prob­a­bly also be so worked up from your heated phone con­ver­sa­tion that he’ll fin­ish off before you even have to really do anything.