6 Ways to Get What You Want From Your Older Man Without Giving Him What He Wants: Part 5

6Ways_Pt5Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

Some­times the antic­i­pa­tion is so great you just want to burst. And that’s exactly what you’re hop­ing for from him. If you can’t avoid the inevitable, you can at least make the lead-up fun for him and a flash in the pan for you. Some­times, all that it takes is a lot of easy-to-do foreplay.

Let him know what he’s in for when he gets home. Meet him for lunch wear­ing a flouncy blouse. Lean in when you talk to him over the table, and give him a flash of cleav­age.  Speak­ing of flash, recre­ate the din­ner scene in the movie Flash­dance; rest your freshly pedi­cured toes on the chair between his legs and play foot­sies with his twins under the table­cloth. After lunch, give him a quick peck on the cheek and tell him to hurry home after work.

Set the mood at din­ner. When you hear the turn­ing of the lock, greet him at the door wear­ing an apron over his favorite piece of lin­gerie. Tell him you want to work up an appetite before din­ner, but you ordered deliv­ery so he’ll have to try and be quick. Rest your elbows on the kitchen table, look demurely over your shoul­der at him, and call him over. A lit­tle wrap around fun and it’ll be over in a flash.

It may sound like a lot of work, but it helps keep your flirt­ing prowess in check, ensures a quick and easy mat­tress kiss, and will leave him want­ing more. And now he’ll know exactly what he has to do to (peri­od­i­cally) get it.