6 Ways to Get What You Want From Your Older Man Without Giving Him What He Wants: Part 6

6Ways_Pt6Sleep with the fishes.

The book­end to delay­ing phys­i­cal con­tact is to “sleep with the fishes.” Start by explain­ing to him that few things are as roman­tic as a night home on the couch watch­ing movies.

You may not be a big fan of the God­fa­ther movie tril­ogy, but chances are that your sugar daddy is old enough for it to be one of his favorites. For some sugar babies, it might be eas­ier to live through the Director’s Cut of the God­fa­ther tril­ogy than let­ting him take you to bed. Also try these man-friendly movie series: Star Wars, Indi­ana Jones, and Dol­lars.

Start the night with a big glass of red wine or beer. Sit together on the couch eat­ing pop­corn. Ask him how his day was, and to not leave out any details. After pour­ing him a sec­ond glass, get him to rub your feet. After all, you chose him to be your sugar daddy; no one else gets the priv­i­lege of rub­bing your feet.

After a long day at the office and four, five, or six hours of watch­ing The God­fa­ther, he’ll be ready to call it a night—he may even fall asleep on the couch. “It’s OK,” you tell him, adding, “We can do it tomor­row if you’re up for it.”