The First Time I Cheated on My Husband with an Older Man

I returned from Ken­tucky, where I was secretly with the man in the Stet­son hat, with a mas­ter plan for the future. If the strat­egy was advan­ta­geous, the man in the Stet­son hat would take care of my son and myself for years to come. The piv­otal part of the scheme was that it would be his idea. The hot days of the sum­mer sun were pass­ing quickly. I did not have time to spare. My son would be leav­ing for school in a few short weeks. When he left, divorce pro­ceed­ings with my hus­band would begin. I did not want my child to endure yet another dis­so­lu­tion, espe­cially when he was about to embark on a life-changing event. We agreed not to tell him until he came home for hol­i­day break. With any hope, by then the divorce would be settled.

Our son was a gifted scholar. A very bright future lay ahead of him. He would attend an out-of-state col­lege on a par­tial aca­d­e­mic schol­ar­ship. His school­ing would still require a sub­stan­tial amount of money, much more than I would have. My son and I were very close. If he had any sus­pi­cion his fam­ily was break­ing up, he might not leave for school. I was on pins and nee­dles. My plan had to be successful.

In Ken­tucky, the man in the Stet­son hat was sur­prised when I informed him that my hus­band was in the casino the evening we met. He remarked that if I were his wife, he would not allow me out of his sight. His com­ments allowed me to follow-up the con­ver­sa­tion with where my hus­band and I were in our rela­tion­ship. He seemed to be shocked and appalled with our com­plete lack of sex­ual activ­ity. In his mind, this was my rea­son­ing for step­ping out. His reac­tion reas­sured me he was smitten.

When he told me he loved me in Ken­tucky, it gave me power. I began to exe­cute my plan. I had to make his desire for me become his addic­tion. His urge to be with me needed to be excru­ci­at­ing. I had to be his drug; only I could give him his fix. I could not be too avail­able to the man in the Stet­son hat while I was still mar­ried. If I was too con­ve­nient, he might favor my stay­ing with my hus­band. After all, he was mar­ried. My scheme did not involve him divorc­ing his wife. It only required him to take care of my finan­cial needs and desires.

Soon after our Ken­tucky trip, the pri­vate jet deliv­ered the man in the Stet­son hat to the desert for an overnight visit. A five-star hotel not too far from my home was the accom­mo­da­tions for the evening. This trip began the tra­di­tion of being met with five to 10 beau­ti­fully wrapped lux­ury items with greet­ing cards attached to each. I found this to be fun, and maybe this was why I looked so for­ward to our vis­its. He would watch me open each card and gift. He had a knack for pick­ing the most elo­quent greet­ing cards. He would under­line sev­eral mean­ing­ful words and per­son­ally write in each card.

On this par­tic­u­lar evening he ordered a bot­tle of my favorite wine, Sil­ver Oak. Nor­mally, he did not drink alco­hol. How­ever, this visit he indulged a bit. We sat on the patio for hours, and he shared more with me than he prob­a­bly real­ized. I had three hours of inter­ro­gat­ing him. I asked very per­sonal ques­tions. He pro­vided intri­cate details to each of my inquiries. I was get­ting to know him well.

After our question-and-answer ses­sion, we retired to the bed­room for an evening of love­mak­ing. This evening, a hotel house­keep­ing employee walked into the suite in the mid­dle of us both naked. We gig­gled and laughed. We were grow­ing closer and more com­fort­able with each visit. After our love­mak­ing, the man in the Stet­son was very dis­ap­pointed as I dressed to leave. He tried sev­eral times to per­suade me to spend the night with him at the hotel. I could have eas­ily done so. But I declined. He had to miss me for my mas­ter plan to work. The time was fast approach­ing for me to close the deal.

  • Red­pill

    Schem­ing, manip­u­la­tive and inher­ently immoral. It’s gonna suck when you hit the wall baby

  • Reg­u­lar Guy

    Hey kids, can you say “gold dig­ger”? Very good. I knew that you could.