Age Gap Dating

It takes more than an age gap to make a rela­tion­ship a suc­cess. And, iron­i­cally, noth­ing proves that more than age gap dating.

The idea of a younger woman dat­ing a much older man is not new. In fact, if ancient his­tory is any indi­ca­tor, age gap dat­ing is the per­fect com­bi­na­tion. On one level, age gap dat­ing is the innate abil­ity of a young woman to find the strongest, most con­fi­dent man she can to pro­vide for her emo­tion­ally, phys­i­cally, and finan­cially. An older man with all these traits will also be able to pro­vide her with genet­i­cally supe­rior children.

Men don’t pick women with their eyes closed. Age gap dat­ing is also the per­fect sce­nario for older men. Being more visual, older men, when given a choice, are more likely to be attracted to a much younger woman than an older one.

There’s research to back it up, too. A study car­ried out by Uni­ver­sity of Gothen­burg and Uni­ver­sity of Oxford looked at match­mak­ing ads dis­played in news­pa­pers and on dat­ing web sites. The study found that men in all cat­e­gories pre­fer younger women, while the major­ity of women aged 20 to 39 look for older men.1

Age gap dat­ing can also add an extra kick in an older man’s step. Another study found that age gap dat­ing pro­longs a man’s life. Researchers dis­cov­ered that men who marry a woman between 15 and 17 years younger can cut their risk of pre­ma­ture death by 20%. Choos­ing a wife just seven to nine years younger will reduce his risk of dying early by 11%.

While those look­ing on may dis­ap­prove of age gap dat­ing and see it as being doomed to fail, for those actu­ally involved in age gap dat­ing, the age dif­fer­ence can pro­vide more ben­e­fits than chal­lenges; if it even mat­ters at all.

Thanks to med­ical advance­ments with erec­tile dys­func­tion, age gap dat­ing cou­ples can really enjoy each other. New fer­til­ity treat­ments also mean women can have chil­dren later in life.

While age gap dat­ing can mean a younger woman could end up tak­ing care of her much older man later in life, chances are they were aware of this even­tu­al­ity when they first got together. And maybe they decided that no mat­ter what, it’s more impor­tant for them to be together than be apart.

At the same time, and let’s be hon­est here, some­times there is an agreed upon trade­off. She will care for him later in life, know­ing that he is more finan­cially secure and will pro­vide her safety and security.

Age gap dat­ing has its ups and downs, just like any rela­tion­ship.  For rela­tion­ships to suc­ceed, regard­less of age, cou­ples need to con­nect emo­tion­ally and  phys­i­cally, feel free to be them­selves, be vul­ner­a­ble, know they can make mis­takes, and be accepted uncon­di­tion­ally. Cou­ples also need to have fun, grow, and change together.

For age gap dat­ing to be suc­cess­ful, cou­ples just need to bridge the gap, meet in the mid­dle, and enjoy each other.