American Idol Star Caught Cheating on Her Much Older Husband

American Idol Star Caught CheatingActress and Amer­i­can Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, 29, was recently spot­ted hold­ing hands and mak­ing out in pub­lic with Michael Mor­ris, who co-directed her TV series, Smash. The only prob­lem is that they’re both mar­ried, just not to each other.

Mor­ris is cur­rently mar­ried to actress Mary McCor­mack, his wife for over a decade, while McPhee is the young wife of pro­ducer Nick Cokas, 47, whom she mar­ried in Feb­ru­ary 2008. So, does this mean McPhee and Mor­ris are hav­ing an affair? A source close to the young actress has revealed that her May-December mar­riage is on the rocks and that she has actu­ally been sep­a­rated from her older hus­band for the past six months. Last we heard, how­ever, Mor­ris was still with his wife.

So, there’s no word yet on whether this is the begin­ning of a new celebrity cou­ple, or the sign of an illicit affair between a young actress and a direc­tor. It wouldn’t be the first time—we all remem­ber when 23-year-old Kris­ten Stew­art destroyed her rela­tion­ship with Robert Pat­tin­son by hav­ing an affair with her Snow White and the Hunts­man direc­tor, 42-year-old Rupert Sanders.

What do you think: Is it still con­sid­ered cheat­ing if you and your hus­band have been sep­a­rated for six months?


“Smash star Katharine McPhee pic­tured kiss­ing show’s direc­tor Michael Mor­ris despite both being mar­ried to other peo­ple,” Daily Mail web site, Octo­ber 22, 2013;

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  • javier dominguez

    That’s not cheating,thats enjoy­ing life,and not get bored

  • ger­arda

    This surely will not be help­ful towards any reconciliation.…so easy to step out and cheat…so few have the char­ac­ter and the dis­ci­pline to go the dis­tance, espe­cially in holylalaland.…

  • Nola

    Cheat­ing is cheat­ing, lets not soften it up, call it what it really is, she’s still legally teth­ered to a man. Annnnnd the man she’s cheat­ing with is also mar­ried, that’s tasteless..

  • Sharon

    That is Amer­i­can Idol hall of SHAME.…Happens when U think U hit the big time..Ya.….Merry money to almost get to the top…Hope he did a prenup? No she did not get to the top.…..Happens when U cheat…

  • Doc­torZin

    I’m usu­ally pretty by-the-book about these kinds of things, but I feel only the mildest sen­sa­tion of disapproval.

  • ruby­sun­shine

    noth­ing like screw­ing your way to the MIDDLE

  • mensa141

    Because mar­ried men or women are much bet­ter mates than sin­gles. Sin­gles are gen­er­ally sin­gle for very valid reasons.

  • mrcead

    Who cares? Are they role mod­els of any sort?

    Not really. They are just every­day trash and they prob­a­bly deserve each other. Move on, noth­ing to see here folks.

  • Jerry Lyman

    If they are legally sep­a­rated — then no.… They can legally do and act as they choose.

  • Lynn Ingram

    Of course she’s cheat­ing and so is he. They both are still mar­ried to their respec­tive spouses. She should at least divorce him before she plays around. Goes for him too