Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter May Land Millions From Mother’s Sugar Baby Inheritance

Sugar Baby Anna Nicole Smith married business Sugar Daddy Howard MarshallHav­ing a sugar daddy is an easy way to make money. While there may be gen­uine feel­ings involved, there’s always money, and lots of it.

Anna Nicole Smith became the ulti­mate sugar baby when she mar­ried busi­ness tycoon J. Howard Mar­shall. Although she aptly denied it, it was hard not to believe that she wasn’t just after his money—after all, she was a hot 26-year-old strip­per, and he was an 89-year-old bil­lion­aire. A year after their wed­ding, Smith went from sugar baby to widow.

After Marshall’s death, Smith fought tooth and nail against his fam­ily for her share of the sugar daddy’s mas­sive for­tune. She said he promised her money—as most sugar dad­dies do—even though she wasn’t men­tioned in his will. When Smith died sud­denly in 2007, her estate con­tin­ued fight­ing for the money—$475.0 mil­lion to be exact—saying that Smith’s young daugh­ter, Dan­nielynn, was now enti­tled to it. Her estate came close to vic­tory in 2011, until a judge over­turned the pre­vi­ous rul­ing that had granted them the fortune.

Now, they’re get­ting a sec­ond shot. The money is back up in the air after it was recently dis­cov­ered that Marshall’s legal rep­re­sen­ta­tives used sleazy tac­tics to hide impor­tant doc­u­ments dur­ing the legal bat­tle. As a result, Marshall’s estate is being ordered to pay sanc­tions of $49.0 mil­lion that will go to Dannielynn.

At six years old, the new­found riches will make Dan­nielynn one of the world’s youngest multi-millionaires. Smith may not be around to enjoy her sugar daddy’s for­tune, but it cer­tainly pays to be a sugar baby’s baby.