Are Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Getting Back Together?

Sugar Daddy Michael Douglas and Younger Girlfriend Catherine ZetaCather­ine Zeta-Jones has yet to make any pub­lic com­ment about split­ting from her older hus­band, Michael Dou­glas. But he’s mak­ing it pretty clear that their mar­riage is far from over, or at least that’s what he’s hoping.

Dou­glas attended the 65th Prime­time Emmy Awards on Sep­tem­ber 22, where he won a golden tro­phy for his per­for­mance in the biopic Behind the Can­de­labra. Dur­ing his accep­tance speech, the actor gra­ciously thanked his “wife Cather­ine” for sup­port­ing him, even though he was there alone. When asked by reporters about the state of his mar­riage to Zeta-Jones, Dou­glas again main­tained that their mar­riage prob­lems aren’t as crit­i­cal as every­one thinks. “Cather­ine is great. She is doing won­der­ful, talked to her today [and] just got a lovely note from her. I’m very hope­ful that we’re going to work things out,” said Dou­glas. He also stressed that he and his young wife are “just tak­ing a break” for “a cou­ple issues.”

Mean­while, Zeta-Jones was in China to cel­e­brate the launch of a new film stu­dio. It was her first pub­lic appear­ance since their split was made pub­lic, and although she didn’t say any­thing about her mar­riage or about Dou­glas, she was still wear­ing her wed­ding ring. So, maybe this celebrity cou­ple will be able to res­ur­rect their romance after all.


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  • govskep­tic

    She prob­a­bly out­ra­geously mad over his telling what caused his throat can­cer, He
    was doing mankind a big favor by point­ing out the dan­gers and pos­si­ble consequences.

    • col­bert­fan

      Yes, but he could have made clear that what­ever led to the con­di­tion hap­pened prior to their mar­riage, which he finally said after­ward when word got out that she felt insulted by his thought­less com­ment. His inten­tions were good, no doubt. But given that and the health issues and Cameron Dou­glas’ jail sit­u­a­tion, a break was prob­a­bly what they needed. I pray they can work things out. I think they are a tremen­dous pair.