Beware of Sugar Daddies with Big Families (Who Don’t Know How to Mind Their Own Business): Part 1

Beware of Sugar Daddies with Big Families (Who Don’t Know How to Mind Their Own Business): Part 1

Beware of Sugar Daddies with Big Families (Who Don’t Know How to Mind Their Own Business): Part 1

It was at my older man’s fam­ily gath­er­ing where I dis­cov­ered that his mother had been telling just about every­one about our per­sonal busi­ness, par­tic­u­larly about the fact that I wanted to put off our wed­ding until after our baby was born. And now, Keegan’s fam­ily was mak­ing it very clear that they weren’t pleased with the deci­sion, even though it was none of their business.

I looked Kee­gan dead in the eye before pick­ing up my baby and walk­ing out of the pavil­ion. His fam­ily was every­where and because he was caught up in a con­ver­sa­tion, he couldn’t quite get away fast enough to catch me and see what was wrong. It turns out that he knew what the hell was wrong. He knew that his fam­ily would strong-arm me into mov­ing for­ward with con­crete wed­ding plans. In fact, he was count­ing on it.

I walked over to a nice shade tree and got as com­fort­able as I could to nurse the baby. Nurs­ing in pri­vate was dif­fi­cult, because his fam­ily had vir­tu­ally taken over the entire park. I for­got my nurs­ing cover so, I just let it all hang out and if any­one was offended well, f*ck them—I was feed­ing my baby.

It didn’t take long before Keegan’s Aunt Lucy and Aunt Mar­garet came look­ing for the baby to cod­dle, and once they found me, they closed in. I could see them com­ing from a mile away, and could feel my entire body tens­ing up, as the baby had just fallen asleep. Thank­fully, they walked up slowly after I sig­naled to them to be quiet, but they sat down and stayed with me and the baby as she suck­led my breast in her sleep.

So, I hear you two are think­ing about plan­ning a wed­ding very soon. Can we help you in any way? Maybe the flower arrange­ments or the food?” Aunt Lucy said smiling.

The whole fam­ily is excited for you both; hon­estly, we aren’t try­ing to be pushy about your mar­riage. We just want to help,” Aunt Mar­garet said as she reached over and caressed my baby’s head. I couldn’t help but feel awk­ward, tense, and almost a lit­tle grossed out that she just caressed my baby’s head as it was attached to my breast, but I was expected to smile—so I did.

Right now, I am prac­ti­cally a sin­gle mom, because he is work­ing so much, I am work­ing full-time, and frankly, I don’t have any spare energy at the end of the day to be con­cerned with a wed­ding. At this rate, I think we will just elope when we are good and ready,” I said quietly.

Oh, you will never be for­given if you two elope. The entire fam­ily has been wait­ing 40-some years for him to become a father and hus­band. You’re his first and it needs to be as spe­cial for him as it does for you. Don’t elope, you’ll regret it later,” Aunt Lucy responded firmly.

I ignored her com­ment and we con­tin­ued to make small talk before we were sud­denly interrupted…

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