This Book Is Better Than 50 Shades of Grey

The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man Is Bet­ter Than 50 Shades of Grey

50 shades of greyFifty Shades of Grey, the novel writ­ten by E. L. James, has got­ten many read­ers’ knick­ers in a twist! Despite its dis­creet pack­ag­ing and siz­zling sex scenes, the over­cooked metaphors and flimsy melo­drama fail to make the book deli­ciously naughty. Many even hold the author’s bad writ­ing in con­tempt and believe the novel is noth­ing more than sub­par fan-fiction inspired by Stephanie Mey­ers’ Twi­light series. As for those inter­ested in find­ing books sim­i­lar to 50 Shades of Grey this review will be helpful.

So, What Went Wrong With Fifty Shades of Grey?

The bad writ­ing isn’t the only rea­son why many read­ers dis­like Fifty Shades of Grey, but also because it com­bines BDSM with sex­ual exploita­tion. Many see Chris­t­ian Grey as hav­ing qual­i­ties of a preda­tor. He per­suades Anas­ta­sia Steele—characterized as being an inse­cure, naive woman—to give in to his sex toys, bondage equip­ment, and dom­i­nat­ing sex­ual behav­ior, mak­ing their rela­tion­ship noth­ing more than one exem­pli­fied by shame and control.

Grey com­pletely neglects his companion’s plea­sure; it seems that her involve­ment and emo­tional com­fort are worth­less, so long as he can ful­fill his own dark fan­tasies. This aspect of the novel, par­tic­u­larly the omis­sion of Anastasia’s emo­tions and well-being, is con­vinc­ing some read­ers that Fifty Shades of Grey takes it too far.

Allow­ing some­one to con­trol your mind and body dur­ing love­mak­ing demands pro­found faith and affec­tion. Although Anas­ta­sia does give her con­sent, Grey still manip­u­lates her into doing what he wants her to. Grey takes advan­tage of her naivety and inno­cence. The way some peo­ple see it, Grey pet­ri­fies a young vir­gin woman into the depths of his play­room. For some peo­ple, bondage and sex­ual con­trol are very con­tro­ver­sial acts.

Fifty-Shades-of-GreyTitle: Fifty Shades of Grey
Author: E. L. James
Genre: Erotic romance

Why The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man Will Leave You Ask­ing For More

If you’re look­ing for arguably much bet­ter writ­ten; less dis­turb­ing; steamy detail, Jacqui Sin­clair has pro­vided the per­fect erotic thriller: The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man, with a pow­er­ful intel­lec­tu­al­ism that will warm your heart along with the inten­sity of your obsession.

The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man is a story about an ambi­tious, but strug­gling col­lege girl who boldly feels alive under her skin when; a rich man old enough to be her father offers a tip she would hate to give up on. Her fan­tasy is fuelled with lux­u­ri­ous gifts, vaca­tions, even her own house and car, all from her inti­mate part­ner. The bond of Derrick’s love soon trans­forms her; although she never tries too hard to resist her inno­cently provoca­tive man.

So tempt­ing they are will­ing to bend all rules! They kink up their sex­ual appetite in the bed­room as she real­izes his deep­est fan­tasies makes him her per­fect gentleman.

But things aren’t what they appear…

The bed­room isn’t the only place they get all wrapped up. The con­flict of the plot is slowly resolved when this beau­ti­ful damsel is car­ried down the com­pli­cated path; that gives way to obses­sion, decep­tion, infi­delity, seduc­tion, and lies—all cli­max­ing with a sur­prise end­ing that is one of the siz­zling and sex­i­est sce­nar­ios we’ve ever seen.

The Imperfect Gentleman

buttonThe Imper­fect Gen­tle­man
Author: Jacqui Sin­clair
Genre: Erotic romance


Fifty Shades of Grey offers a more dis­con­nect­ing por­trait of kink. In fact it does not present the fun­da­men­tals of and com­pletely clat­ters all over the prin­ci­ples of com­pan­ions who respon­si­bly indulge in sado­masochism. Fur­ther the book is repet­i­tive and ter­ri­bly writ­ten and not even sen­sual. On the other hand The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man is less guilty where the duo enters into a respon­si­ble sex­ual affair paired by no-bossy behav­ior or sex­ual dominance.

A Beau­ti­ful Review In Its Own Way………….

A friend of mine rec­om­mended this book to me. I’m glad she did. The main char­ac­ter, Mad­die, leads a pretty inter­est­ing and some­times messed up life. She’s good at pick­ing the wrong man. But it pays off. The sex scenes had me going for days. My hus­band is thankful”

“I love the twisted story line. But the sex scenes are what really make it worth the read. I hope this isn’t the last of Mad­die!

She had every­thing… includ­ing the Sex Life most women only dream of. But she lost it all, and you’ll never believe how!

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