The Best Erotic Novel That’s Like “Fifty Shades of Grey”

What’s the best erotic book like Fifty Shades of Grey?

With fans all over the world look­ing for a follow-up read to the pop­u­lar novel, many erotic authors are vying for their attention.

And why not? The Fifty Shades of Grey tril­ogy intro­duced us to a whole new genre of read­ing. While not every­one is com­fort­able with BDSM (Bondage, Dis­ci­pline, Sadism, and Masochism), one thing they are com­fort­able with is read­ing about fic­tional women and being privy to their sex­ual escapades.

You prob­a­bly wouldn’t have a hard time find­ing a book like Fifty Shades of Grey, but we’ll do even bet­ter. If you’re look­ing for a sexually-charged erotic novel writ­ten by a provoca­tive author, look no fur­ther than The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man by Jacqui Sinclair.

Here’s why we think The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man is actu­ally bet­ter than Fifty Shades of Grey. And we don’t just mean the writing.

Anas­ta­sia vs. Madison

First of all, Anas­ta­sia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey, despite hav­ing an exotic, strong sound­ing name, is any­thing but. She might mean well, but deep down, she’s a naïve, inse­cure, hunk of clay wait­ing to be moulded by the first per­son that has the chance to manip­u­late her.

Frankly, a lot of women might have a hard time con­nect­ing with Anas­ta­sia on any mean­ing­ful level, emo­tion­ally and expe­ri­en­tially. It’s hard to empathize with a 21-year-old, bright-eyed col­lege grad­u­ate who’s never been drunk, or had sex, or let alone been kissed. How many women do you know who are like that?

Enter Madi­son, the pro­tag­o­nist of The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man. Madi­son is a 22-year-old col­lege stu­dent who lives at home and works as a wait­ress to help pay for school. And no, she isn’t a vir­gin. Mad­die is con­fi­dent, dar­ing, adven­tur­ous, spon­ta­neous, an oppor­tunist, and assertive. She’s also a hope­less roman­tic. She’s like you and me: a real­is­tic, albeit flawed, char­ac­ter who’s just nav­i­gat­ing life.

Chris­t­ian vs. Der­rick (and Robert…and Josh)

For starters, Chris­t­ian Grey is far too young to be as worldly and brood­ing as he is pur­ported to be. Chris­t­ian might know fine wine, or how to dress and tie a knot, but he’s too much of a manip­u­la­tive, dam­aged, passive/aggressive young man with mer­cu­r­ial mood swings to really get the mes­sage across. A book like Fifty Shades of Grey war­rants a much stronger char­ac­ter, one that would real­is­ti­cally be old enough to have the expe­ri­ences of a char­ac­ter like Chris­t­ian Grey.

Enter Der­rick from The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man, a much older, hand­some, and dom­i­nant mil­lion­aire who has expe­ri­enced life. If he says he likes a par­tic­u­lar wine, you know he under­stands what he’s talk­ing about, because he’s old enough to have tasted more than a few glasses. Der­rick is a suc­cess­ful, demand­ing busi­ness­man; so nat­u­rally, he has dif­fi­culty sep­a­rat­ing work life from play. Madi­son tries to give him a run for his money, but she gets dis­tracted along the way by other imper­fect men, like Robert and Josh, which is under­stand­able for a young woman who’s young and explor­ing her options. So not only are the char­ac­ters more relat­able, but so is the storyline.

BDSM vs. Adven­tur­ous, Toe-Curling Sex

Finally, we get to the secret sauce—the sex. We love being tit­il­lated, and we were in Fifty Shades of Grey. We get the excite­ment of being pushed up against the wall in an ele­va­tor and pas­sion­ately kissed, or the excite­ment of being blind­folded. We even under­stand the appeal of being spanked.

But from our expe­ri­ence, a lot of women who read a book like Fifty Shades of Grey or other erotic nov­els want more than ephemeral nuances. They want hard­core, real-life sex­ual expe­ri­ences that they can escape in. Fifty Shades of Grey might get you excited, but with The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man, you’ll want to slip away to the bed­room for a lit­tle extra “me time.”

The sex in this novel is hot to say the least. In Madison’s world, sex and exper­i­men­ta­tion go hand-in-hand. And “no” isn’t really in her vocab­u­lary, so she’s up for any­thing. How else can you explain what hap­pened against the tree, on the stairs, in the restau­rant, in the car, in front of the mir­ror, or the gro­cery store? (Once you read the book, you’ll under­stand what we’re talk­ing about.)

Over­all, The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man isn’t just a book like Fifty Shades of Grey, but it’s a more sat­is­fy­ing alter­na­tive. Not only are the char­ac­ters and the sto­ry­line much more rep­re­sen­ta­tive of real life, but the sex scenes are MUCH hot­ter, the char­ac­ters are more believ­able, and the end­ing has a huge twist that you’ll never see com­ing. What more do you need in an erotic book?

The Imper­fect Gen­tle­man
Author: Jacqui Sin­clair
Genre: Erotic romance

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