Bradley Cooper, 39, and Suki Waterhouse, 22, Engaged?

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse Engaged Sugar Baby and Daddy RelationshipAnother age-gap celebrity cou­ple is rumored to have got­ten secretly engaged—Bradley Cooper, 39, and model Suki Water­house, 22.

Both Bradley Cooper and his younger girl­friend attended the star-studded MET Gala in New York on May 4. The celebrity cou­ple didn’t walk the red car­pet together, but it didn’t take long for peo­ple to notice that Suki Water­house was wear­ing a big dia­mond ring on her left hand, imme­di­ately spark­ing rumors that Bradley Cooper secretly proposed.

In our opin­ion, the ring looks more like a fash­ion acces­sory than an engage­ment ring, but we wouldn’t be sur­prised if the celebrity cou­ple was head­ing for mar­riage. Bradley Cooper and Suki Water­house have been dat­ing since at least Feb­ru­ary 2013 and despite the many breakup rumors, they still seem to be going strong. They’ve started to make many more appear­ances together at sev­eral high-profile events, and Cooper has even said that he thinks his younger girl­friend is “the one for [him].”

The celebrity cou­ple has even report­edly been con­sid­er­ing mov­ing in together. Suki Water­house is based in Lon­don, where her mod­el­ing career has sky­rock­eted, while Bradley Cooper is in L.A. “[Cooper] is try­ing to tempt [Suki Water­house] to move so they won’t have to fly around the world to see each other,” one insider dished to the Sun­day Mir­ror.

Bradley Cooper’s mom is also report­edly com­pletely on board with their May-December rela­tion­ship, and would have no prob­lem with the celebrity cou­ple mak­ing it offi­cial with mar­riage, because she thinks they’re per­fect for each other, despite the 17-year age difference.


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