Bradley Cooper’s yet another break up — with Suki waterhouse

Bradley Cooper Suki waterhouse

Girl’s all over the world can start drool­ing — like they ever stopped, over Hang­over heart-throb, Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper and Suki Water­house, have called it quits, for unknown rea­sons, but still remain ‘friends’.

The for­mer cou­ple barely dated for two years, and are now rock­ing sin­gle­dom. The ‘Amer­i­can Hus­tle’ star is offi­cially back to being a ladies man, even at 40. His for­mer British girl­friend, doesn’t seem too heart bro­ken either. Suki was spot­ted at the pre­miere of her upcom­ing movie –The Diver­gent Series : Insurgent.

She made her point by look­ing insanely gor­geous in a fairy tale gown at the pre­miere, mak­ing Bradley real­ize what he’s miss­ing out on. The newly sin­gle hunk, him­self was seen treat­ing him­self to a boys night out in Las Vegas with Miles Tel­lar and Jonah hill.

The 23 year old model, doesn’t seem to back down any­time soon, as she bagged a ‘lead role’ in the upcom­ing movie — Bad Batch, with Keanu Reeves and Jim Car­rey. The Karate-brown belt holder — Suki looked out­ra­geously siz­zling in the GQ’s April Issue in a beach­side photo shoot.

They may have split after two years of being in love, but they still main­tain a respect­ful friend­ship. Bradley and Suki attended the 2015 Oscars together. And even after their split in Jan­u­ary, he hap­pened to sent her flow­ers in March!

The super­star Bradley and ris­ing to suc­cess — ‘the break up’ thank you very much, Suki, are clearly busy with their respec­tive careers. Want­ing dif­fer­ent things in life, doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Bradley was ready to start a fam­ily and set­tle down, while she was just gear­ing up to climb up the suc­cess ladder.

Either way, none of them have time for a bro­ken heart. Bradley, unlike his young at heart, ladies man look, was rather seen tak­ing a seri­ous walk in the snow, by him­self. Well, break­ing up with the hottest model, turned-actress, could do that anyone!

Nev­er­the­less, Bradley and Suki par­tied the week­end away, with their respec­tive friends.The sin­gle life never looked so good any­one, than Bradley and Suki! Some close friends sug­gest, the split may just be temporary.

Bradley, 40, and Suki, 23, met at an awards party, as any other celeb. Like where else could they meet? Just FYI, it was the Elle style awards, as clearly men­tioned by Suki. They were love struck for two years, since their first date. The duo attended Award shows held over the world. Their rela­tion­ship took a seri­ous note, when they were in Paris, vis­it­ing Suki’s FAMILY!

Yes, Bradley speaks flu­ent French — ladies you can now melt in your knees. The imag­i­nary lover of girls around the world, is in full swing of the his upcom­ing movie — Joy, along­side Jen­nifer Lawrence.

While Bradley and Suki may have parted ways, they seem to still like each other. Why else would they still be friends? They even look pretty cute together. They sure seem to be in it, for the long run.