Bruce Willis, 59, and Wife Emma Heming, 35, Welcome Second Daughter

Bruce Willis Sugar Daddy and Wife Emma Heming Celebrity RelationshipsBruce Willis is des­tined to be sur­rounded by women. The 59-year-old actor’s younger wife, 35-year-old Emma Hem­ing, gave birth to their daugh­ter, Eve­lyn Penn Willis, on May 5. The celebrity cou­ple now has two kids together—their first daugh­ter was born in April 2012.

Bruce Willis also has three kids with his first wife, Demi Moore, and they’re all girls. That means that one of the tough­est action movie stars is now a proud father of five daughters.

Back in 2013, shortly before the celebrity cou­ple revealed that they were expect­ing again, Bruce Willis com­mented on what it’s like to be sur­rounded by women all the time. “It’s all good. I haven’t found a time yet that’s bad,” he said, adding, “I get to learn a lot more about women than most men do—because it’s just me and 20 women around me.”

Both Emma Hem­ing and the new baby girl are healthy and doing well since the birth, accord­ing to an offi­cial state­ment from the celebrity couple’s rep.

What do you think: Is 59 too old to be hav­ing more kids?


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