Bruce Willis and His Young Wife, Emma Heming, Move In Near His Ex-Wife, Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and Sugar Baby Emma HemingBruce Willis recently put his $22.0 mil­lion Bev­erly Hills man­sion back on the mar­ket to relo­cate to a new neighborhood—one with a not-so-new neighbor.

The 58-year-old actor—along with his sec­ond wife, 34-year-old Emma Hem­ing, and their one-year-old daughter—have moved into the same New York apart­ment com­plex where his ex-wife, Demi Moore, lives. But don’t be mis­led; it wasn’t to rub his happy new mar­riage to a hot young woman in Moore’s face. The move was actu­ally so that the for­mer celebrity cou­ple could share fam­ily time with their three kids.

While many women might be resent­ful of their ex-husbands mov­ing on, espe­cially with a younger woman, Moore couldn’t be hap­pier to have Willis and Hem­ing nearby because she feels like it will give their blended fam­ily much more pri­vacy. Plus, Willis and Moore have remained good friends since divorc­ing in 2000, and she has always turned to him for a shoul­der to lean on.

If you were in Heming’s shoes, how would you feel about liv­ing so close to your husband’s ex-wife?