Busted: Will Smith Took This Younger Woman to His Private Trailer, and it Wasn’t His Wife

After flirty pho­tos sur­faced of Will Smith and his younger co-star, 23-year-old Mar­got Rob­bie, peo­ple nat­u­rally assumed that he was hav­ing an affair, which fueled rumors that his mar­riage to Jada Pin­kett Smith really is in trou­ble. How­ever, a source attempted to clean up the mess by telling reporters that Smith and Rob­bie were just “goof­ing around” in a photo booth with other cast and crew mem­bers because “Will is just like that.” The insider also added that every­thing with Smith and his wife was “great.”

Unfor­tu­nately, other insid­ers are telling a very dif­fer­ent story. Another eye­wit­ness who was at the party has come for­ward with new alle­ga­tions that Smith and Rob­bie did much more than take half-naked pic­tures together. Rob­bie report­edly hopped on Smith’s back after tak­ing the pic­tures and the pair headed toward Smith’s trailer together. “They didn’t seem to care if any­one saw them do this,” said the source, who also added that no one else from the movie was around at the time. “It is just ludi­crous for Will or Mar­got to try to play it off like it wasn’t a big deal. It’s highly inap­pro­pri­ate for a mar­ried man in his mid-forties to strip down with a young sexy woman who is half his age.”

Smith and his wife have yet to com­ment on the affair alle­ga­tions, but Rob­bie has spo­ken out via Twit­ter say­ing the rumors are false. Do you believe her?

The good news is that, even if Smith is hav­ing an affair with Rob­bie, he may still be able to sal­vage his mar­riage because his wife has said in the past that cheat­ing isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a deal breaker. She once wrote on Face­book that she believed some­one cheats because they’re emo­tion­ally trou­bled and want to “solve a prob­lem,” which pro­vides an “oppor­tu­nity to deepen the rela­tion­ship with thor­ough hon­esty, which cre­ates deeper respect with some seri­ous set­ting of boundaries.”

If Smith main­tains his story about just goof­ing around, Mrs. Smith may want to con­sider restruc­tur­ing those bound­aries anyways.

What do you think: Do you believe Will Smith has been faith­ful to his wife, Jada Pin­kett Smith?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

  • Mea­gan DuShea

    Has Will Smith been faith­ful to his wife… ? Well…I don’t live in the house with them or fol­low them around con­stantly try­ing to deter­mine how much neg­a­tive gos­sip I can dredge up, so I have no idea.… And nei­ther should any­one else. And since they have pub­li­cally admit­ted to hav­ing THEIR OWN ver­sion of an open mar­riage, I think this sub­ject is TOTALLY up to Will & Jada to dis­cuss & han­dle ALONE-TOGETHER! Isn’t there ANYTHING else going on the world that we can all be snoop­ing around about??? Like…supplying the next gen­er­a­tion with all the things they’ll need to live in this world even bet­ter than the gen­er­a­tions before them!!!???

  • zyg­gie

    this arti­cle is not news. Will and Jada have both stated cer­tain facts about their open mar­riage. Why should we care who they sleep with? That’s between them and their spir­tual beliefs. Same as Kim & KWest, i am so tired of read­ing about them. At least Jada and Will are cer­ti­fied celebs. Come on…we have floods, no jobs, all types of hunger, home­less­ness and dan­ger­ous weather in this world to talk about and get involved with. Kim and Kwest and who is sleep­ing with who is NOT news.

  • MeMe Cola Jean

    Y would He Cheat he’s really Happy with his fam­ily an two awe­some kids I wish I Was his kid but cheat­ing don’t make u Happy unless u are get­ting some­thing u want