Casey Kasem’s Wife Makes Shocking Accusations Against His Kids

Casey Kasem Death Family and Sugar Baby ControversyWe thought the fam­ily feud between Casey Kasem’s kids and their stepmom—Kasem’s much younger sec­ond wife, Jean—hit its peak when the kids filed for con­ser­va­tor­ship of their father’s health. The legal action was in response to Kasem’s wife keep­ing the for­mer radio host locked up in their man­sion and block­ing his fam­ily and friends from vis­it­ing him while he suf­fers from advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease.

We were wrong, because things have def­i­nitely got­ten even worse with this celebrity fam­ily. The kids’ peti­tion for con­ser­va­tor­ship has been delayed after a judge ruled that the 81-year-old was receiv­ing proper care at home at the hands of his young wife—he has report­edly been checked on by police, social ser­vice work­ers, and a court-appointed attorney.

Kasems’s young wife is finally mak­ing her posi­tion known, call­ing the media cir­cus sur­round­ing her husband’s health and the bold accu­sa­tions her step­kids are mak­ing about her a “liv­ing night­mare.” In the court doc­u­ments, she stated that her hus­band was receiv­ing med­ical atten­tion around the clock and that she hoped he would be most com­fort­able in the “love of his own home.” She also said that his kids’ “dis­turb­ing” behav­ior would just be an “intol­er­a­ble and an unpleas­ant expe­ri­ence for us all, includ­ing specif­i­cally [for] Casey.”

It doesn’t end there. Kasem’s wife took it one step fur­ther and accused his kids of just being money hun­gry. She claimed that she and her hus­band had lent them upwards of $150,000 annu­ally for a few years to help cover costs for school­ing, hous­ing, travel, and trans­porta­tion, among other things, and the money was never paid back.

Mean­while, Kasem’s kids are argu­ing that they have had power of attor­ney since 2007, which gives them rights over their father’s health. But his wife is claim­ing that, because of a doc­u­ment her hus­band signed in 2011, their power of attor­ney was nul­li­fied and, as a result, she’s still in charge of his med­ical care.

Mrs. Kasem’s attor­ney, on behalf of his client, asked that the kids refrain from bring­ing “any­more unwanted pub­lic­ity to the Kasem name.” He also said that Kasem’s wife decided that it was “unhealthy for Casey to have his kids in the house,” although he couldn’t spec­ify why, and that she decided that she had to “draw the line” by bar­ring them from com­ing around. His kids, how­ever, have made it clear that they’re not will­ing to back down and will con­tinue to fight for vis­i­ta­tion rights.

What do you think: Who should have con­trol over Casey Kasem’s med­ical care, his kids or his wife?


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