Casey Kasem’s Younger Wife Calls the Cops on His Kids

Jean Thompson and Casey KasemLeg­endary radio host, Casey Kasem, is suf­fer­ing from advance stages of Parkinson’s dis­ease, but his fam­ily and friends aren’t allowed any­where near him, thanks to his sec­ond wife, actress Jean Thomp­son, who has report­edly kept him locked inside their L.A. man­sion since his con­di­tioned wors­ened sev­eral years ago.

Kasem first mar­ried Jean in 1980—at the time, she was 26, while he was 48 and already had three chil­dren from his first mar­riage. His three kids have report­edly never had a good rela­tion­ship with their young step­mother and they’re now accus­ing her of restrict­ing their abil­ity to visit their own ail­ing father. And it isn’t just the kids that his wife is keep­ing out—Kasem’s younger brother also isn’t allowed in.

Keep­ing us from our father is the worst thing she could pos­si­bly do for his health,” said Kasem’s daugh­ter, Kerri. “When he was healthy, our dad used to talk to us all the time. We’re his joy. He began hav­ing trou­ble speak­ing about three years ago. Now we’ve been cut off from him. The same goes for many of his friends. We just want to know that our dad is okay.”

Kasem’s three kids, along with his brother and close friends, gath­ered out­side his home hold­ing signs and demand­ing that his wife give them access to Kasem, who report­edly can’t even walk with­out assis­tance. His daugh­ter insisted that the pub­lic protest had noth­ing to do with tap­ping into Kasem’s fortune—they just want to know that he’s OK.

Rather than give in to their demands, Kasem’s wife called the police claim­ing there was a bur­glary. When the cops arrived, they real­ized it was a domes­tic issue and left the scene. Since their protest proved inef­fec­tive, the fam­ily is plan­ning to take the issue to court.

What do you think: Is Casey Kasem’s wife over­re­act­ing about let­ting his fam­ily see him, or is she just pro­tect­ing her sick older husband?


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  • Susie Hep­burn

    Kasem’s wife if sick with worry that allow­ing Kasem’s kids and fam­ily to visit may, in some way, prove that she is try­ing to mur­der the poor guy! Parkinson’s or not, there is some­thing very fishy about this cold-blooded bitch pre­vent­ing his chil­dren, bother and friends from see­ing him! I smell a rat and I doubt very much if Kasem wants to be denied the right the see his fam­ily! I think the gold-digging witch is ter­ri­fied Kasem may tell oth­ers he is being kept a vir­tual pris­oner by Thomp­son! The police should really look into this and talk to Kasem him­self.. I bet they will find out he does NOT want to be estranged from his family!

  • huh

    The fam­ily should def­i­nitely call social ser­vices and ask some­one to visit to make sure he is taken care of. I’ve done the math. She isn’t young any­more even if she is younger than Kasem. They have been mar­ried for 33 years. In that time every­one should have been able to estab­lish at least a polite rela­tion­ship. It’s her house and her hus­band. She maybe just keep­ing him from get­ting upset. Rules for a visit would have to be estab­lished. When chil­dren do not respect Dad’s choice of new wife this is the kind of thing that results many years later. It been 33 years. She was a keeper even if the kids disagreed.

    • jack

      You’re right. It has been 33 yrs;the kids should have been able to have a polite rela­tion­ship by now. Sounds like wife #1 could have kept the ani­mos­ity going between the kids & wife #2. Not in anyone’s best interests.

  • murlut

    If I were the courts, I would look hard and long at any­one who will not allow a mans chil­dren and brother to see him. I am think­ing maybe she is doing some­thing criminal.

    • in4d net

      There are some fam­ily mem­bers who inflict more dam­age to some­one who is ill by their pres­ence than by their absence, no mat­ter what the blood rela­tion­ship is. Equally as dam­ag­ing in other cases are wives who lock peo­ple out for their own self­ish rea­sons instead of what is best for the ill per­son at the cen­ter of the issue.

      I only hope that the par­tic­u­lar judge and court the fam­ily is likely to go before is able to see beyond the hype of either side and actu­ally get at the truth and then act accordingly.

      One sad exam­ple that imme­di­ately comes to mind is what hap­pened with Den­nis Hop­per, who spent his dying days fight­ing for a divorce from his then wife.

      Obvi­ously he thought that she did not have his best inter­ests at heart to take such a dras­tic move as one of his very last on this earth!

  • laura carr

    i think she is just pro­tect­ing her sick older husband

    • Luis Her­nan­dez

      or pro­tect­ing his assets for her per­sonal use after his death.

  • mable pritch­ett

    Young? She was born in 1954, she is about 60 years old. She may be a lot younger than 82 year old Casey but she is NOT YOUNG.