Casey Kasem’s Younger Wife Ordered to Appear in Court—Could Serve Jail Time

Jean Kasem Sugar Baby to Appear in CourtThe ongo­ing dis­pute between Casey Kasem’s kids and his younger wife (who’s their step­mother), Jean Kasem, has gone from a fam­ily feud to a full-blown war.

Casey Kasem, 82, suf­fers from advanced Parkinson’s dis­ease, and his kids are claim­ing that his younger wife, who’s been mar­ried to the radio icon for 34 years now, is keep­ing him locked away from fam­ily and friends as he inches closer to his death.

The fam­ily has been fight­ing to take con­trol of Casey Kasem’s health and nei­ther his wife nor his kids are will­ing to back down. Jean Kasem was tem­porar­ily stripped of her power to make deci­sions about his med­ical care after she removed him with­out notice from the med­ical cen­ter where he was being cared for. The celebrity cou­ple was later found in Wash­ing­ton State, but by then, his daugh­ter, Kerri, had already been granted expanded author­ity over her father’s health.

Kasem’s wife then responded with a state­ment on live tele­vi­sion, say­ing that her dying hus­band is absolutely get­ting the care he needs and that she refuses to allow “any­body to shred [her] fam­ily on unfounded facts and mali­cious accu­sa­tions,” adding, “My hus­band is very happy and com­fort­able in our fam­ily and has told me time and time again that he wishes to remain under my care.” On a side note, when author­i­ties went to check in on Casey Kasem, they said that he wasn’t able to speak, although he seemed to be aware of what was hap­pen­ing around him.

Jean Kasem has now been served with legal papers order­ing her to appear in court in Wash­ing­ton, as author­i­ties fur­ther inves­ti­gate the kids’ accu­sa­tions that she isn’t pro­vid­ing proper care for Casey Kasem. If his wife chooses not to show up to court, she could be arrested. And the fam­ily feud continues…

What do you think: Who should have power over Casey Kasem’s health, his kids or his wife?


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