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3 Signs Your Older Man Isn’t Over His Ex: Part 2

When Der­rick first told me about his plan to spend the day apart while on our get­away, I was a bit hurt and thought that I would hate being alone. But once I was in the moment, it actu­ally felt amaz­ing. I needed some “me time”—ever since I started dat­ing Der­rick, my life had prac­ti­cally revolved around him. I had even taken a semes­ter off from school to enjoy my new lifestyle. […]

3 Signs Your Older Man Isn’t Over His Ex: Part 1

It took me a few hours to decide whether or not I would tell Derrick—my much older fiancé—about the encounter I had with his wife at the office. She had just con­fronted me about being his mis­tress, and left me with a note that read, “You decide: wealthy mis­tress or poor wife.” As intense as it was, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dis­close all the details to Der­rick. I knew […]