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Alec Baldwin, 56, and Hilaria Thomas, 30, Share Big Baby News

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Share Big Baby News

Not all celebrity cou­ples with a big age gap make it, espe­cially when they’re in the pub­lic eye a lot. But actor Alec Bald­win and his wife Hilaria Thomas are mak­ing it work, per­haps because after a string of career-compromising inci­dents involv­ing Baldwin’s hot tem­per, they’ve sort of backed away from the media spot­light to focus on their May-December mar­riage and on rais­ing their 17-month-old daugh­ter, Car­men. It’s def­i­nitely a good thing […]

Alec Baldwin Cries in Court After Stalker Alleges Sexual May-December Relationship

Alec Bald­win is in the mid­dle of a bit­ter trial, but for once, it has noth­ing to do with his anger issues or run-ins with the paparazzi. The 55-year-old actor is fight­ing to have a younger woman, 41-year-old Genevieve Sabourin, charged for stalk­ing him. Sabourin is claim­ing that she and Bald­win were once involved in an inti­mate May-December rela­tion­ship, a claim that the celebrity is vehe­mently deny­ing. Bald­win admits that he met the […]

Alec Baldwin Admits He Met His Younger Wife Through Divine Intervention

Alec Bald­win has showed us time and time again that he would do any­thing for his young wife, Hilaria Thomas, even if that means going head to head with intru­sive paparazzi and writ­ing enraged let­ters to news­pa­pers. But was it really love at first sight for this celebrity cou­ple? For Bald­win, it was more than just love when he first laid his eyes on the young woman who would become his second […]

Is Alec Baldwin’s Young Wife in Danger?

Even after the recent birth of his daugh­ter, 55-year-old Alec Bald­win still seems to be spread­ing more hate than love these days, thanks mostly in part to his young wife, Hilaria Thomas. The actor once again lashed out at paparazzi for fol­low­ing Thomas and their new baby by pen­ning a harsh 500-word let­ter to a local news­pa­per in which he likens the pho­tog­ra­phers to “kid­nap­pers and home invaders.” Bald­win claims some paparazzi […]