Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin Gets Into Yet Another Fight to Defend His Young Wife

You’d think that just wel­com­ing a new baby would make any man a bit of a softie. But it looks like new­found father­hood might just be fuel­ing Alec Baldwin’s tem­per a lit­tle more. The 55-year-old actor is known for vio­lently con­fronting pushy paparazzi. Just a cou­ple days after the birth of his new baby girl, Bald­win was at it again when he shoved a pho­tog­ra­pher for get­ting too close to his young […]

Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Warns His New Baby About Their “Crazy Family”

Alec Bald­win is mak­ing head­lines again, but for once it has noth­ing to do with an angry out­burst or Twit­ter rant. The 55-year-old actor’s young wife, 29-year-old Hilaria Thomas, gave birth to their daugh­ter, Car­men Gabriela, on August 23. Both mom and baby are said to be doing well—the celebrity cou­ple was spot­ted bring­ing their new baby home two days later. This is Bald­win and Thomas’ first child together. Bald­win is already the […]

Alec Baldwin Defends His Verbal Attack on a Reporter to Support His Young Wife

Alec Bald­win isn’t one to back down from a fight, espe­cially if it’s for the sake of his young wife, Hilaria Thomas. Bald­win, 55, set Twit­ter on fire last week when he blasted a reporter for accus­ing Thomas of tweet­ing dur­ing James Gandolfini’s funeral. Bald­win threat­ened to “f***” up the reporter, whom he called a “toxic lit­tle queen,” adding, “[I would] put my foot up your f***ing a**…but I’m sure you’d dig […]

Alec Baldwin Goes on Furious Twitter Rant to Defend His Young Wife

The 55-year-old actor mar­ried 29-year-old Hilaria Thomas last year and has made it very clear that his now-pregnant wife means the world to him. That’s why when a reporter accused Thomas of tweet­ing “upbeat posts” dur­ing the solemn funeral of late actor James Gan­dolfini, Bald­win took to Twit­ter to not only set the record straight, but to per­son­ally call out the reporter, George Stark: “My wife and I attend a funeral to pay […]