Allegra Riggio

Allegra Riggio Reveals Exclusive Details About Being Miserable with Fiancé, “Mad Men” Star Jared Harris

If you’re dat­ing an older man, you’ve prob­a­bly been asked at least once about what the two of you could pos­si­bly have in com­mon when there’s such a big age dif­fer­ence. When 52-year-old Mad Men star Jared Har­ris met his 38-year-old fiancée, Alle­gra Rig­gio, back in 2009, they instantly shared some­thing: mis­ery. At the time, Har­ris was just com­ing out of his messy divorce, while she was in an unhappy rela­tion­ship of […]

Mad Men’ Star Jared Harris Is Engaged to Younger Woman

Jared Harris—whom many fans know as Lane Pryce on the hit TV series Mad Men—is just one of the many male celebri­ties who have found love with younger women. The 51-year-old actor has main­tained a solid rela­tion­ship with his 38-year-old girl­friend, Alle­gra Rig­gio, for over three years, and now they’re ready to make it offi­cial. Har­ris pro­posed to Rig­gio last week in front of fam­ily and friends with a custom-made dia­mond ring, […]