Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger Finds Perfect Balance Between Wife, Sugar Baby, and $400 Million

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver, first filed for divorce back in July 2011 after find­ing out that the actor was hav­ing an affair with one of their house­keep­ers and secretly got her preg­nant. Schwarzeneg­ger, 66, has since moved on—he’s got a 38-year-old sugar baby named Heather Milligan—but it’s been over two years and the celebrity couple’s divorce has yet to be final­ized. The rumored rea­son why the divorce has been lag­ging for […]

Tom Arnold Reveals a Little Too Much About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sex Life

Since sep­a­rat­ing from his wife of 25 years in 2011, 66-year-old Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger was rumored to be dat­ing 38-year-old phys­io­ther­a­pist Heather Milligan—the pair were recently spot­ted mak­ing out after enjoy­ing a din­ner together. But accord­ing to Schwarzenegger’s for­mer co-star, Tom Arnold, the actor gets a lot more action than that. The come­dian claimed that Schwarzeneg­ger has a harem of women, many of whom are pre­sum­ably younger, to ful­fill his “tremen­dous sex drive,” which […]