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Michael Douglas, 69, Makes Big Confession About Ignoring His Marriage (and How You Can Avoid Making the Same Mistake)

Michael Dou­glas, 69, recently reunited with his younger wife, Cather­ine Zeta-Jones, 44, after the celebrity cou­ple decided to take a break from their mar­riage in August 2013. Although it was unclear at first if they would ever get back together, it’s now clear that the time apart actu­ally helped their May-December rela­tion­ship. Michael Dou­glas recently spoke out about what it takes to truly make a mar­riage suc­cess­ful, and in doing so, he […]

One Important Thing You Need to Consider Before Settling Down With an Older Man

Whether you’re dat­ing an older man or some­one who’s the same age, it’s impor­tant to know what you want out of the relationship—and what you don’t want, for that mat­ter. That’s why more and more peo­ple are now adding “lifestyle clauses” to their prenup­tial agree­ments, to make sure their part­ners know what’s expected of them. The agree­ments have aptly been labeled “love con­tracts,” and accord­ing to experts, many of the clauses that come […]

Proof That Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Are Back Together and Happier Than Ever

It looks like Michael Dou­glas, 69, and 44-year-old Cather­ine Zeta-Jones’ mar­riage is offi­cially on the road to recov­ery. The celebrity cou­ple “looked really happy to be together” when they attended the Monte Cristo Awards in New York City. Accord­ing to onlook­ers, you would never have been able to tell that the celebrity cou­ple, who have two kids together, ever needed a break from their 13-year mar­riage. A week ear­lier, Michael Dou­glas and […]

Catherine Zeta-Jones Planning to Remarry?

Is Michael Dou­glas get­ting a divorce from his younger wife, Cather­ine Zeta-Jones? A lot of peo­ple have been won­der­ing this same thing since the celebrity cou­ple announced back in August 2013 that they were sep­a­rat­ing to take a break from their mar­riage. But accord­ing to new reports, Dou­glas, 69, and Zeta-Jones, 44, are get­ting much closer to fix­ing their bro­ken mar­riage. The celebrity cou­ple is report­edly now ready to recom­mit them­selves to […]