Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s Fiancée Is Trying to Erase Her X-Rated Past—Changes Name

Char­lie Sheen’s young fiancée, who was once an adult film star, wants to put her past behind her once and for all before walk­ing down the aisle with her famous older man. So, she’s offi­cially changed her first name to Scot­tine, her birth name, and she’s taken on Sheen’s last name, even though the celebrity cou­ple won’t be mar­ried for another few months. “I’m try­ing to leave my porn past behind me […]

What Charlie Sheen’s Sugar Baby, Brett Rossi, Is Saying About Being in a Relationship with a Man Twice Her Age

Char­lie Sheen, 48, is set to make his newest sugar baby, 24-year-old ex-porn star Brett Rossi, his fourth wife. We’ve heard all about how infat­u­ated he is with her and how happy the celebrity cou­ple is together. But, the sugar baby has finally spo­ken out her­self about the celebrity couple’s May-December rela­tion­ship. “Every­thing is amaz­ing!” Brett Rossi told Us Weekly, adding that she and Char­lie Sheen are in full wed­ding plan­ning mode. […]

Charlie Sheen, 48, Blows $100,000 on His Hot New Fiancée Brett Rossi, 24

Char­lie Sheen, 48, doesn’t want to wait to marry his porn star fiancée, 24-year-old Brett Rossi. But unfor­tu­nately, he’ll have to, because she’s still legally wed to her first estranged hus­band, Jonathan Ross. Char­lie Sheen had his heart set on tying the knot sooner, but because Brett Rossi is still going through her divorce pro­ceed­ings, the celebrity cou­ple has set their wed­ding date for Novem­ber 2014. And money is sup­pos­edly no object […]

Why We Think Charlie Sheen’s Sugar Baby, Brett Rossi, Will Be the Worst Stepmother

It’s no sur­prise that Char­lie Sheen has it in for his ex-wife Denise Richards—the two have been going at it for the past few months, and now their two young kids are get­ting caught in the cross­fire. Sheen, 48, has report­edly been skimp­ing out on his child sup­port pay­ments to Richards. He’s sup­posed to be fork­ing over $55,000 a month, but Sheen only paid half that amount in Jan­u­ary and noth­ing for […]