Dirtiest Little Secret

The Dirtiest Little Secret My Rich, Older Man Never Wanted Me to Know: Part 2

The next morn­ing, I made Derrick—my rich, older fiancé—his favorite break­fast, and told him that I was going to the mall. I had just found out the day before that he had been see­ing some other woman, but I acted like noth­ing was wrong. Besides, he had no idea that I had snooped on his cell phone. He handed me his Amer­i­can Express credit card, and told me that he wouldn’t be […]

The Dirtiest Little Secret My Rich Older Man Never Wanted Me to Know: Part 1

After my rich older boyfriend, Der­rick, pro­posed to me, all my fears about our rela­tion­ship dis­ap­peared. In the months lead­ing up to our engage­ment, I could never shake the feel­ing that Der­rick was hid­ing some­thing from me. I was also start­ing to have mixed feel­ings about what I was doing in a rela­tion­ship with an older man. But after the pro­posal, I no longer felt like the kind of girl who was […]