Doug Hutchison

Courtney Stodden, 19, Doesn’t Regret Marriage to Doug Hutchison, 53

Court­ney Stod­den was only 16 years old when she mar­ried actor Doug Hutchi­son, who was 51 at the time. The celebrity cou­ple met online when Stod­den signed up for one of Doug Hutchison’s act­ing classes. Upon get­ting her par­ents’ bless­ing (and con­sent), Hutchi­son and Stod­den got engaged before ever meet­ing in per­son, and then mar­ried very shortly after in May 2011. The celebrity couple’s 35-year age dif­fer­ence out­raged some, and shocked pretty much […]

Courtney Stodden Spotted Getting Intimate with Ex-Sugar Daddy, Doug Hutchison

Is Court­ney Stod­den giv­ing up on sin­gle life already? The busty 19-year-old made a name for her­self sim­ply because of her May-December rela­tion­ship with her celebrity sugar daddy, 53-year-old actor Doug Hutchi­son. Despite their 35-year age dif­fer­ence, the celebrity cou­ple got mar­ried in May 2011—Courtney Stod­den was only 16 when she walked down the aisle with Doug Hutchi­son, who was 51. And while Hutchison’s career crashed after their mar­riage, Stodden’s started to […]

Courtney Stodden’s Shopping Around For a New House (and a New Sugar Daddy!)

Back in 2011, actor Doug Hutchi­son shocked the world when he mar­ried his much younger girl­friend, Court­ney Stodden—the busty blonde was only 16 years old at the time. For the next two years, the celebrity cou­ple insisted that they were so much in love that they didn’t care about their 35-year age dif­fer­ence. While Hutchi­son was dropped by his agent and dis­owned by many of his fam­ily mem­bers, his teen wife enjoyed […]

The Outrageous Truth About the Prenup Between Courtney Stodden, 19, and Her 53-Year-Old Husband, Doug Hutchison

Court­ney Stod­den, 19, has been very vocal about end­ing her con­tro­ver­sial mar­riage to 53-year-old actor Doug Hutchi­son. The celebrity cou­ple tied the knot three years ago and through­out their mar­riage, the teen bride tried to con­vince every­one, includ­ing her­self, that their 35-year age dif­fer­ence didn’t mat­ter. She now admits that she was wrong. “I mean, peo­ple say age is just a num­ber and I said that also and obvi­ously age isn’t just a […]