Embarrassing Truths

What My Luggage Revealed About My Sex Life with My Older Man

My older, wealthy boyfriend—the Stet­son man—had a vora­cious appetite for sex, and I was sur­prised to dis­cover just how healthy his sex life was. I had always assumed that as men grew older they became less inter­ested in sex. I went from years of not being desired by my hus­band to being wanted on a daily basis by the Stet­son man. And I have always made a point of pleas­ing my man, […]

How I Dealt with My Sugar Daddy’s Wife After She Caught Me at Victoria’s Secret: Part 1

I was deeply in love with the Stet­son man. I had grown to love the man every bit as much as the lifestyle that he brought with him. Para­dox­i­cally, the more harass­ment we received, the closer we became, and we were grow­ing closer daily. I could not imag­ine him return­ing to his wife to repair his mar­riage. I did not feel respon­si­ble for the demise of his marriage—spouses destroy their mar­riages. If […]

Why My Wealthy, Older Boyfriend Is Absolutely Irresistible: Part 1

It had been such a busy week that I felt like I was going to end up for­get­ting some­thing that I needed to do. As I packed my daugh­ters’ lunches, I ran through my to-do list in my head: my kids’ school func­tion com­ing up, laun­dry to fold, and gro­cery shop­ping. Noth­ing was help­ing to dis­tract me from this upcom­ing Chicago trip with my boss, Mr. Brown, who had also become my […]

Why I Ended My May-December Relationship with an Older Man

I was 34, Sam was 56, and our age dif­fer­ence was becom­ing more obvi­ous. Sam was get­ting grayer, and had less to become gray. He wore read­ing glasses, but now needed a small dis­tance cor­rec­tion, so he got pre­scrip­tion glasses. He decided they made him look dis­tin­guished, so he wore them con­stantly. I thought they made him look old. Sam had a fond­ness for alco­hol. After retir­ing, he bought a bar/restaurant. The liquor […]