Hayley Roberts

Why David Hasselhoff’s Younger Woman Won’t Marry Him

David Has­sel­hoff, 61, first started dat­ing Hay­ley Roberts in 2010 after he picked her up at a bar. Three years later, the celebrity cou­ple is still hold­ing it together, despite the fact that Roberts is almost half Hasselhoff’s age. Roberts, how­ever, admits that she’s turned down at least five or six mar­riage pro­pos­als from Has­sel­hoff because she didn’t feel like they were really gen­uine enough. And even if she did agree to […]

David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts, 27-Year Age Difference

David Hasselhoff Sugar Daddy and Hayley Roberts Relationship

David Has­sel­hoff is “hooked on a feel­ing.” Born in 1952, Has­sel­hoff wears many hats as an actor, singer, pro­ducer, and a busi­ness­man. Despite his many titles, he is best known for his role as Michael Knight in the series Knight Rider and as swarthy L.A. County life­guard Mitch Buchan­non in the series Bay­watch. Since the mid 1980s, Has­sel­hoff has also had a suc­cess­ful music career. Three of his albums have gone number […]