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How I Ended Up in Hawaii with an Older Man Who Wasn’t My Husband: Part 3

I tore open the pink pack­age that the flight atten­dant had given me, while my “prince” looked on beside me. Inside was a pink blan­ket, pink slip­pers and a pink face mask, all adorned with Swarovski crys­tals. Aside from us, there was only one other man in the first-class sec­tion. I would later find out that the other man was actu­ally my prince’s per­sonal body­guard. When we arrived in Hawaii, there was […]

How I Ended Up in Hawaii with an Older Man Who Wasn’t My Husband: Part 2

Some­times I felt like this dou­ble life I was lead­ing was get­ting to be too much. On one hand, it was such a glam­orous lifestyle with my “prince.” On the other hand, I was still a wife and mother. Then again, I had got­ten the “dis­trac­tion” that I had wished for, so why was I com­plain­ing? Sure enough, there was a new e-mail in my inbox thirty min­utes later. The flight had […]

How I Ended Up In Hawaii With an Older Man Who Wasn’t My Husband: Part 1

My rich, older boyfriend called me one after­noon: “Hi, Princess, what are you doing the first week of March?” “I don’t know yet,” I told him. “I’ll have to check my cal­en­dar.” “OK, but call me back soon because I need to know.” I knew it had to be some­thing impor­tant because my “prince” only made advance reser­va­tions when it was for some­thing big. I put the phone down and flipped to March 1 […]