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How I Made a Rich Older Man Forget He Was Married: Part 2

What do you mean I’m dan­ger­ous?” I asked Der­rick, with a smirk. I could not con­tain myself and I burst out laugh­ing. Der­rick con­tin­ued to explain: “I promised my wife that this time around, I would be faith­ful. I even cut back on my hours at work and am spend­ing more time with her. You are a walk­ing temp­ta­tion. So yes, you’re dan­ger­ous.” I smiled at the thought of this gor­geous, older […]

How I Made a Rich, Older Man Forget That He Was Married: Part 1

When I got to Derrick’s man­sion, I sat in the dri­ve­way for about 10 min­utes. It was strange being out­side of my old house—a home that, at one point, held many of my dreams. I spent many bliss­ful days here in the arms of Der­rick and had envi­sioned our future here. It was eerie walk­ing to the front door and ring­ing the door­bell to a home that I once lived in. Derrick […]