Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross Collects “Guilt Money” in Divorce from Rupert Sanders, 43, After He Cheated with Kristen Stewart, 24

There’s never a short­age of drama in celebrity May-December rela­tion­ships, espe­cially when there’s an affair involved. Direc­tor Rupert Sanders, 43, will prob­a­bly never be able to live down his now infa­mous May-December romance with 24-year-old actress Kris­ten Stew­art, who was sup­posed to be in a com­mit­ted rela­tion­ship with her Twi­light co-star Robert Pat­tin­son at the time. Although Rupert Sanders and Kris­ten Stewart’s illicit May-December romance cost them both a lot in terms of […]

Robert Pattinson’s “Extremely Awkward” Moment at Coachella

Actor Robert Pat­tin­son, 27, and model Lib­erty Ross, 35, have prob­a­bly never even shared a con­ver­sa­tion, but the two celebri­ties have a lot in common—they were both left heart­bro­ken when their sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers were caught hav­ing an illicit affair. As you’ll prob­a­bly recall, Robert Pattinson’s long­time ex-girlfriend, 24-year-old Kris­ten Stew­art, had an affair with her much older Snow White and the Hunts­man direc­tor, 43-year-old Rupert Sanders, who was mar­ried to Lib­erty Ross […]

Kristen Stewart’s Ex-Sugar Daddy, Rupert Sanders, Is Trying to Crawl His Way Back Into Her Life

Kris­ten Stewart’s illicit affair with her much older mar­ried direc­tor, 42-year-old Rupert Sanders, is still com­ing back to haunt her. Since news of their affair scan­dal sur­faced in July 2012, Stewart’s rela­tion­ship with Twi­light co-star Robert Pat­tin­son crum­bled, along with Sanders’ mar­riage to model Lib­erty Ross. Now, sources are claim­ing that the affair was more than just a moment of weak­ness or indis­cre­tion for Sanders, because he sup­pos­edly still has legit­i­mate feel­ings for […]

Liberty Ross Trashes Her Ex-Husband, Rupert Sanders, Over His Affair with Twilight Star Kristen Stewart

It doesn’t come as too much of a sur­prise that a lot of sugar dad­dies are married—a sugar baby is just their way of hav­ing a lit­tle some­thing extra on the side. But what hap­pens when their affair is sud­denly revealed? What hap­pens to the wife that gets left behind? It’s hard to for­get the scan­dal that rocked one of the most pop­u­lar celebrity cou­ples last sum­mer, Kris­ten Stew­art and Robert Pattinson. […]