My Rich Older Man was Amazing in Bed, But When He Did This, It Just Blew My Mind

Being on vaca­tion with my older lover, Mr. Brown, who was also my boss, was amaz­ing and exhaust­ing. The entire time we were there, he was so atten­tive to me and my daugh­ters. Every day was beach adven­tures or trips to the zoo. At night, we went for din­ner at a fun restau­rant that catered to the kids—the enter­tain­ment kept them happy, and wore them out. We would come home from a […]

How I Made a Rich Older Man Want to Give Me All His Money: Part 1

By the time Keith dropped me home, it was dusk. As we exchanged num­bers, I told him I was only inter­ested in his cell num­ber, as I wanted noth­ing that would cause me to have any encounter with his wife—I didn’t want his home or busi­ness num­ber and at no point should he ever call me from either. I didn’t know his wife, but I believed that she deserved that respect from […]

How a Big Mistake with My Rich Older Man Got My Friend Into Big Trouble

My sur­prise birth­day party my older fiancé, Patrick, had orga­nized was in full swing. Most of the guests had intro­duced them­selves to one another, but I went around the room, speak­ing with every­one, one by one, with Patrick by my side; we both thanked them together for com­ing to the birth­day cel­e­bra­tion. I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to Patrick, but he knew his sur­prise had worked out beau­ti­fully. There […]

My First Experience with My Rich, Older Husband at a Private Sex Club: Part 2

With our sec­ond date well under way, it was clear that the four of us had the right chem­istry; we were all com­fort­able and ready to min­gle. Din­ner arrived and as it did, we were able to reserve a room for us to use, in case the evening went that way.  Paulette insisted on a room with a swing, because whether or not we actu­ally used it, she and I had both […]