Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper’s yet another break up — with Suki waterhouse

Girl’s all over the world can start drool­ing — like they ever stopped, over Hang­over heart-throb, Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper and Suki Water­house, have called it quits, for unknown rea­sons, but still remain ‘friends’. The for­mer cou­ple barely dated for two years, and are now rock­ing sin­gle­dom. The ‘Amer­i­can Hus­tle’ star is offi­cially back to being a ladies man, even at 40. His for­mer British girl­friend, doesn’t seem too heart bro­ken either. Suki […]

Bradley Cooper, 39, and Suki Waterhouse, 22, Engaged?

Another age-gap celebrity cou­ple is rumored to have got­ten secretly engaged—Bradley Cooper, 39, and model Suki Water­house, 22. Both Bradley Cooper and his younger girl­friend attended the star-studded MET Gala in New York on May 4. The celebrity cou­ple didn’t walk the red car­pet together, but it didn’t take long for peo­ple to notice that Suki Water­house was wear­ing a big dia­mond ring on her left hand, imme­di­ately spark­ing rumors that Bradley […]

What Renée Zellweger Is Doing to Make Bradley Cooper’s Sugar Baby, Suki Waterhouse, Crazy Jealous

Why do women like older men? Well, one of the most pop­u­lar rea­sons seems to be that older men are just more mature and estab­lished, both finan­cially and emo­tion­ally. How­ever, no mat­ter how much older or wiser men may be, they still often fail to under­stand the con­nec­tion between women and jeal­ousy. And celebrity cou­ples are no dif­fer­ent. There may be trou­ble in par­adise for Bradley Cooper, 39, and his younger girlfriend, […]

Bradley Cooper Thinks He’s Found “the One” (and So Does His Mom)

After keep­ing it out of the spot­light for almost a year, Bradley Cooper, 39, and his 22-year-old girl­friend, Suki Water­house, have recently decided to take their May-December rela­tion­ship pub­lic. The celebrity cou­ple has been spot­ted together at var­i­ous high-profile events, includ­ing the BAFTA Awards and a state din­ner at the White House along­side the Pres­i­dent Barack Obama and the First Lady. It looks like things are going really well for this celebrity couple, […]