Tanya Callau

Alan Thicke Talks About Having Kids with His Wife, Tanya Callau, Who’s 28 Years Younger

Alan Thicke and his wife, Tanya Callau, have an age dif­fer­ence of 28 years—he’s 67 and she’s only 39. And thanks to that sig­nif­i­cant age dif­fer­ence, the celebrity cou­ple encoun­ters the same types of issues in their mar­riage that any other age gap cou­ple would, like kids. Accord­ing to Alan Thicke, the topic of kids is one wrin­kle in their mar­riage that he and Tanya Callau haven’t exactly ironed out the details of […]

Alan Thicke and Tanya Callau, 28-Year Age Difference

Alan Thicke and Tanya Callau Age Difference

Cana­dian actor Alan Thicke started his career in the spot­light in the late 70s, host­ing a Cana­dian game show called First Impres­sions. He also had his own suc­cess­ful talk show in the early 80s. But per­haps what he’s best known for is play­ing one of the most famous TV dads of the 90s, Mr. Seaver on the sit­com Grow­ing Pains. Since the series ended in 1992, Alan Thicke has gone on to […]