The Lip Gloss

How a Stranger’s Lip Gloss Cost My Husband $26,000: Part 2

We arrived at the club just as my husband’s strip­per was about to dance her first set. It was a week­day evening, and so the club was not crowded. After her first dance, the gen­tle­man sit­ting at the table next to ours pur­chased a lap dance for me—from her. He had no idea how explo­sive the Pandora’s Box was that he was open­ing. But this gentleman’s gift worked per­fectly into my plan. […]

How a Stranger’s Lip Gloss Cost My Husband $26,000: Part 1

The Stet­son man, my mar­ried lover, was the first man I ever met who con­sid­ered me spunky, cute, and hot all at the same time. It was amaz­ing talk­ing to him—he was always a cap­tive audi­ence, and we would share sto­ries for hours at a time. We talked about many things from our pasts; how­ever, I soon learned to be a bit more selec­tive about what I would tell him after he […]