Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Assaulted By Older Husband

Nigella Lawson Assaulted By Sugar Daddy Charles SaatchiCelebrity chef Nigella Law­son, 53, is mak­ing head­lines, but not for her cook­ing. Her older hus­band, 70-year-old Charles Saatchi, is in hot water after a British tabloid pub­lished pho­tos of him chok­ing Law­son in pub­lic. The images were said to be taken on June 9 while the cou­ple was embroiled in a heated argu­ment at a restau­rant in Lon­don, England.

Saatchi has admit­ted to putting his hands around her neck, but claimed that it wasn’t as seri­ous as the images made it look. “We were sit­ting out­side a restau­rant hav­ing an intense debate about the chil­dren and I held Nigella’s neck repeat­edly while attempt­ing to empha­size my point,” Saatchi told reporters. “There was no grip, it was a play­ful tiff.” He also added that they had “made up” by the time they reached home.

While the images don’t look play­ful, Law­son never filed a for­mal com­plaint with police and has not spo­ken pub­licly about the inci­dent. But in an attempt to soften the blow, Saatchi vol­un­tar­ily went to the police sta­tion for ques­tion­ing and accepted a for­mal cau­tion for assault.

Lawson’s spokesper­son con­firmed that she and her chil­dren have since left their home. How­ever, Saatchi main­tains that he’s the one that told her to take the kids and leave, just until things set­tle down.

What do you think about Saatchi’s claims—is it pos­si­ble that he’s telling the truth about it being play­ful, or is he just mak­ing an excuse to try and cover up his abu­sive behav­ior? Did you think he got off too easy?


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