Celebrity Relationships

While every girl wants a fairy­tale end­ing, some find it in the arms of a celebrity sugar daddy. From leg­endary actors, to politi­cians, to bil­lion­aire moguls, some celebri­ties are noto­ri­ous for their enthu­si­asm for young, viva­cious women.

Through­out his­tory, there have been a num­ber of famous, inspi­ra­tional men who have dated and/or mar­ried much younger women.

U.S. Pres­i­dent Grover Cleve­land, South African anti-apartheid activist Nel­son Man­dela, writer J.D. Salinger, artist Pablo Picasso, astro­naut Buzz Aldrin, and sil­ver screen roy­alty such as Humphrey Bog­art, Lau­rence Olivier, Fred Astaire, Robert Red­ford, and Jerry Sein­feld (and the list goes on) could all be clas­si­fied as celebrity sugar dad­dies that were in long-term relationships.

One of the ear­li­est exam­ples of a suc­cess­ful sugar daddy is Amer­i­can busi­ness mag­nate and politi­cian William Ran­dolph Hearst. Unfazed by social norms, this prac­ti­tioner of the celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ship move­ment lived openly with his 21-year-old sugar baby.

When it comes to the modern-day celebrity rela­tion­ship, few could com­pete with Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Mar­shall II. The spry Mar­shall was 89 when he wed his much-younger, 27-year-old sugar baby Anna Nicole Smith.

While onlook­ers may dis­ap­prove of celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ships, those sugar babies look­ing out at the world through tinted lim­ou­sine win­dows have a dif­fer­ent perspective.

And while the con­stant media atten­tion and flash of paparazzi cam­era bulbs may get tir­ing, the pay­off is worth it. Being in a celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ship is a dream for many young women. Enjoy­ing the lifestyle of the rich and famous: cloth­ing, jew­ellery, shoes, acces­sories, trips, par­ties, relax­ing, and, lest we for­get, hav­ing sex with a celebrity!

Sadly, being the sugar baby in a celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ship has its ups and downs, just like any rela­tion­ship. But as long as you’re not the jeal­ous type, the fame and for­tune might just make the down times that much more manageable.

But for those times when the plat­inum lin­ing around the dark rela­tion­ship clouds isn’t enough to sal­vage the celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ship, the breakup can be bru­tal. Those same camera-sporting paparazzi you loved when every­thing was per­fect are now hounds of hell, catch­ing every tear as it mean­ders down your face.

The end of a celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ship will no doubt leave his cast-aside sugar baby with a supernova-sized void. Hope­fully the celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ship lasted long, so that the sugar baby can fill that empti­ness with dia­monds, Manolo Blahnik’s, haut cou­ture, a car, and padded bank account.

And maybe the sugar baby from a celebrity sugar daddy rela­tion­ship will have the strength to pick her­self up, slide her freshly painted toes in Chanel flats, clasp the diamond-encrusted Cartier watch around her wrist, check her makeup in the rear-view mir­ror of her Bent­ley, and find another wealthy benefactor.