Charlie Sheen Has a New Full-Time Job—Giving His Ex a Stroke

If there’s one thing Char­lie Sheen shouldn’t be think­ing about, it’s another mar­riage. He’s already got three ex-wives—two of which he’s still fight­ing with—and five kids between them. Then again, we’ve learned to always expect the unex­pected with Sheen, even when it comes to mar­riage, women, and poor decisions.

The 48-year-old actor set the rumor mill ablaze when he revealed via Twit­ter that he and his 24-year-old porn star sugar baby, Brett Rossi, had got­ten mar­ried. Sheen posted: “this is the house ware M Gor­bachev R Rea­gan did some epic. It’s also where S and I GOT MARRIED! [sic]” fol­lowed by the hash­tag, “#RumorMilUh­Pede.” Although Rossi’s first name starts with a B, she appar­ently some­times goes by the name Scot­tie, hence the ini­tials in the tweet.

It turns out it was just a joke, but here’s why he did it: to piss off ex-wife num­ber two, Denise Richards. “I wanted to give Denise a stroke,” he admit­ted to TMZ. The for­mer celebrity cou­ple has been going at it since he claims she refused him from spend­ing time with their two kids over the holidays.

While Sheen and his new porn star sugar baby haven’t taken the plunge into marriage—thank god—he did pro­fess his admi­ra­tion for her in a slightly dif­fer­ent way. Sheen took to Twit­ter again to show off a new tat­too he got on his fore­arm. It sort of looks like a shield or a patch—we’re not exactly sure—with the ini­tials of his kids’ first names. There’s a safety pin behind the patch/shield shape, which is sup­posed to sym­bol­ize Rossi. There he goes again with another poor decision.

What do you think: Was Char­lie Sheen’s mar­riage prank funny, or just mean?


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