Charlie Sheen Has a New Live-In Sugar Baby, But She’s No Stranger

When it comes to celebrity sugar dad­dies, Char­lie Sheen is in a league of his own. The 47-year-old actor has been known to move younger women into his home to live as his “god­desses,” although the details of what that actu­ally means are still a lit­tle fuzzy. Nonethe­less, Sheen is in the com­pany of a new sugar baby “goddess”—25-year-old porn star, Capri Ander­son, has report­edly moved into Sheen’s L.A. mansion.

As you may recall, Sheen and his new live-in sugar baby have a trou­bled past. The celebrity cou­ple was involved in a scan­dal in 2010 when Ander­son filed a report against Sheen accus­ing him of bat­tery and assault. When police showed up at the trashed New York hotel suite where Sheen and Ander­son were stay­ing, they found her naked and scream­ing from inside a closet. She claimed that Sheen, in a drunken ram­page, had ver­bally abused her, put his hands around her neck, hurled a lamp at her, and threat­ened to kill her. In return, Sheen accused her of steal­ing his expen­sive watch and sued her for extortion.

Despite the scan­dal, the celebrity cou­ple seems to have put their rough past behind them with these new liv­ing arrange­ments. “Charlie’s been par­ty­ing almost harder than ever. It’s one of the only things him and Capri have in com­mon,” a source report­edly told Radar. “Char­lie and Capri pretty much just act like none of that crazi­ness from the past ever hap­pened. It’s the weird­est thing.”

Ander­son isn’t the only sugar baby liv­ing with Sheen at the moment—she’ll have to share him with his other sugar baby girl­friend, 25-year-old porn star Geor­gia Jones.

After a cou­ple years with­out ‘god­desses’ Char­lie finally decided to get back on the sad­dle and give it a sec­ond chance with Capri and Geor­gia,” said the source, adding “No telling how it will end, but like most things in Charlie’s life, prob­a­bly with a bang.”

What do you think: Would you want to share your sugar daddy with another sugar baby?


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  • Ft Worth Lady

    If he’d put down the crack cocaine, he might real­ize that he looks like HELL and has aged faster than any­one I’ve ever seen. Too bad too b/c he used to be HOT.

  • ditzy27

    def­i­n­i­tion of stu­pid: doing same things over again, expect­ing dif­fer­ent out­come!!! Nuff said!

    • Mus­cle­Bust­ed­Labia

      But he isn’t expect­ing a dif­fer­ent outcome…that’s what makes his train wreck so fascinating…he is own­ing it and dri­ving it at top speed

  • Aaron Burr

    The kissed of dead!!! You won’t get away with it.

  • Aaron Burr

    Young woman don’t have sugar daddy for sex. Just money. Sex is reserve for the
    young good look­ing stood.